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Massey Ferguson 385 Tractor

Are you Looking for Massey Ferguson Tractor in Bahrain

Massey Ferguson Mai 385 2WD tractor is the company’s hot cake, getting the most popular among farmers and generating revenue for the company. Its hard-wearing and durable build can be your long-lasting partner. Purchasing this best Massey Ferguson tractor in Bahrain can be a win-win situation for farmers as it not only offers power and ruggedness but also cost dependability. Massey kept this machine to be one of the most economical devices ever without compromising on power.  

Be carefree with the Massey Ferguson tractor new model, as it is highly eco-friendly. It effectively decreases gaseous emissions and smoke levels, letting farmers conveniently work with their crops. Purchase now this virtuoso from Malik Agro Industries at a highly affordable cost. 

Agriculture in Bahrain: 

Bahrain’s scarce natural resources and environmental conditions are not wisely suitable for agriculture. The country produces limited crops owing to water scarcity, high temperatures, and increasing groundwater salinity. Its government is trying to fulfill local demands by expanding keen interests in the agricultural sector. The Massey Ferguson farming equipment can be a happy medium to initiate and strengthen agriculture in Bahrain. 

The pre-eminent farming activity in Bahrain was date cultivation. But the trend gradually declined due to the increased salinity of the aquifers. Later, new kinds of farming techniques transformed the arena from producing dates and started growing vegetable gardens and flower nurseries. Still, all hope is not lost. Productivity can be enhanced if policymakers think shrewdly and give proper attention to farming machines and vehicles. The tractors for sale in Bahrain can be a golden means to ensure a powerful device for expanding farming potential.  

A trusted name to make your finances worth spending is Malik Agro Industries. The company has got immense expertise in developing agricultural implements and rugged tractors. If you want to buy new Massey Ferguson tractor prices are all affordable.  

The agriculture sector of a country needs extensive inputs to drive meaningful outputs. Good farming tools and devices make your land appropriate for fulfilling results. The cost of Massey Ferguson tractors will never be a hurdle on your way to more prosperous farming, ultimately leading to financial freedom. 

Specifications of Massey Ferguson 385 tractor that make it unbeatable in the agricultural market: 

Massey Ferguson Mai 385 2wd tractor, a maestro in itself, generates unprecedented 70 hp PTO power and 85 hp engine power at the blazing speed of 2200 rpm. It produces maximum torque of 291 Nm at 1400 rpm. Built with four Perkins diesel 4.41 cylinders, it efficiently performs and mitigates noise production. Farmers can get a sliding spur in transmission with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. These gears and a dual clutch allow free and smooth movement in every direction. Are you looking for a Massey Ferguson garden tractor for sale? Stick to this guide for more.  

Over the ages, the Massey tractor all model never lets down its customers and keeps featuring something exciting. This time Mai 385 2wd tractor for sale takes the stage for the limelight. It has exceptional potential to bring the best out of your farming land, such as  

  • Massive capability to reduce smoke and gas emissions 
  • Versatile oil-immersed multi-disc brake configuration 
  • Oil-based effective cooling system 
  • Relaxing Spring Suspension Deluxe seat 
  • Hydrostatic power steering 
  • Easy exposure to maintenance areas for smooth accessibility 
  • High performance and low noise power engine 
  • Heat shrinkage sleeve help improve performance. 

Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other brand? 

The name says it all. The company has been delivering high-potential agriculture equipment over periods. The brand holds trust and credibility in several countries, not just Pakistan. Now, it is easy to accomplish the dream of getting the best agricultural gadget all across the globe. You are just one step away from realizing this dream at a highly reasonable price. Call Malik Agro Industries and order your desired vehicle now. All the products in their catalog fulfill European standards. Keeping a sharp eye on farmers’ needs and utilizing extensive farming knowledge, their products are beyond comparison with other firms. 


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