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Disc Plough

A Helping Hand In Farming:

Disc plough is used for deep ploughing in soils that are hard, sticky, stony, and roof-infested. Mixes weeds and crop residue throughout the depth of ploughing, making it perfect for rain-fed areas to prevent soil erosion from wind and water.

  • To assure straight work and simplicity of handling by smaller tractors, the side draught is controlled by a spring-loaded floating rear furrow wheel.
  • In this tool, re-greasable taper roller bearings.
  • Adjustable angle allows for different penetration rates in various soil types.


What Is Disc Plough?

It may perform tasks including rock breaking, soil elevating, soil turning, and soil mixing in many kinds of soil. It is used to prepare the stony terrain and to open fresh fields. Additionally, it is simple to use in rocky and rooted locations. Disc plough is particularly helpful in soils where scouring is a significant issue as well as in hard, dry, trashy land conditions.

A standard disc plough has following uses in farming:

  • It is capable of breaking rocks, lifting soil, turning soil, and mixing soil in a variety of soil types.
  • It is used to open new fields and prepare the stony ground.
  • It can also be used with ease in rocky and rooted areas.
  • tractor disc plough is especially beneficial in soils with substantial scouring problems and in hard, dry, trashy land conditions.

Like other tools, a disc plough for sale can be classified as mounted, semi-mounted, or trailed. Beam, standard, cross-shaft, plough body, furrow wheel, scrapers, and other essential parts make up a setting up a disc plough.

The Equipment’s Structure

It includes the discs, connection points, and machine frame.

The left arm shell, left support arm, gearbox, transmission gear, engagement sleeve, joystick, sprocket box, disc shaft, and disc are all parts of it. Installed on the gearbox and attached via the engagement sleeve is the joystick. If you want a reasonable disc plough price, feel free to contact us.

The Machine’s Operating System For The Disc Plough

  • The tail wheel of the tool is mounted on the left side of the plough body, which balances the side pressure and helps it function steadily. The disc of it is mounted on the same shaft.
  • The tail wheel’s up-and-down position and deflection angle can be changed to assure the quality of farming.
  • A three-point suspension connects the tractor to the vertical disc plough.
  • Ball hinges are used to join the tractor to the upper and lower rods, as well as the left and right lifting rods.
  • The power output shaft is coupled with the universal joint and the central driveshaft that drives the tool.

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Process Of Using A Disc Plough At Work

It is a ploughing device that ploughs the soil using a concave disc. The earth is sliced around the disc when the it is being pulled forward by the tractor. The ploughed dirt rises along the concave surface of the rotating disc and twists sideways and backward. After ploughing, ridges are left behind.

It is appropriate for activities involving the removal of stubble from crushed soil following plough operations, soil preparation prior to sowing, loose soil, combining soil and fertiliser, and light soil. Are you looking for 2 or 3 disc plough price?

Land on which it can be used:

It can be used to cultivate or clear waste land, and it is particularly effective at returning rice and wheat stubble to cultivated fields as well as clearing high-yield green manure areas. The plough performs well at both passing and soil entrance. The quality of the soil turning and mulching may satisfy the technical standards of agricultural output, and the farming hindrance is minimal. Additionally, the operation and adjustment are simple.

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