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Sugar Cane Rigger

  • The Ridger sale in Uganda is used to open furrows for water flow and to create ridges for row crops including sugarcane, potatoes, chilies, tobacco, banana, and others.
  • The ridger should only be used after tilling the ground once or twice, and only when the soil is just barely moist.
  • A unique bolt and nut are used to attach the Ridger to the Rotary assembly.


Ridger sale in Uganda

It is employed in activities involving basic soil preparation and ground levelling. In order to bring new nutrients to the surface of the soil and bury weeds and crop residue, it is typically utilised for deep tillage of the soil. Additionally, it aerates the soil, improves its ability to retain moisture, and makes it hardy enough to support large loads. A tractor-mounted device called a Ridger sale in Uganda is used to simultaneously cut and turn soil in two opposite directions to create ridges.

Advantages of Ridger sale in Uganda

  • Increases soil humus and fertility; ensures complete soil inversion; and
  • eliminates undesirable vegetation and bugs’ underground breeding grounds.
  • Always have a mirror finish.
  • Deep penetration improves the soil’s ability to retain rainwater. 


  • Bar point bottoms ensure longer life since Used of Ridger can be extended or reused to the very end of their useful life.
  • consists of two mould boards, a share, point, and tie bar to adjust the ridger’s wingspan.
  • Share Point is reliable and interchangeable. By using a clamping mechanism, depth can be changed.
  • The plough features superior wear resistant steel bottoms with bar tips for the toughest ploughing duties and is made of high carbon steel that has been hardened and tempered for long life.

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What is Rigging, and What Advantages Might it Offer?

Agricultural Ridger refers to a method that enables soil to be applied to the base of the plants. By doing this, the crop’s productivity is raised and the plants are better protected from unfavourable weather and weeds. This is primarily a horticultural approach, and potato crops are where it performs best. It is helpful for other vegetable crops as well, including cabbage, fennel, celery, leek, and onion, for example.

Encourage Ridging:

The area where a plant can grow will be larger the more soil there is available for it. The roots and stolons can grow normally under this circumstance. Additionally, a lot of soil facilitates the movement of nutrients (minerals and water), which might improve crop quality.

Protection Ridging:

In the event of inclement weather and extremely low temperatures, which may result in damage or plant death, farm ridger technique aids in protecting the most vulnerable sections of the plant. Additionally, due to improved soil water distribution and the fact that it will be securely fastened to the ground in the event of a severe wind, the plant may withstand drought times more readily.

Control Ridging.

To get rid of weeds that have already sprouted, move some soil between the rows and place it at the base of the plants. The crop grows in size as a result, and weeds are no longer able to find enough room and light to grow. If you are looking for Ridger for sale, contact us.

When do You Ridge?

The optimal time is when the soil is in medium conditions, which means that it is neither too humid nor too dry (often when the water content is between 40 and 50 percent). To avoid drought, extreme summer heat, and winter frost, it is advised to use this strategy in the midst of the seasons. Depending on the time of year it is used, this approach might have various effects.

Since it enables the plant to be protected against low temperatures and the greening of the tubers brought on by intense rains, autumn ridging mostly serves a preventative purpose. Contact Malik Agro Industries for Ridger sale near me, for reasonable price.

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