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Bund Maker

A bund maker is made up of two discs, a hitch system, and an angle iron frame made of mild steel. Basically,

  • it is used to create irrigation banks for efficient flood irrigation control or bunds that are the right size and shape for the crop and the soil.
  • Additionally, it creates bunds for effective irrigation water utilisation.

The frame may be adjusted to change band width and bund height, as well as the discs’ angle and width.


The Bund Maker:

The well-known company Malik Agro Industries specialises in selling tractors and, in particular, farm equipment. The tractor run bund formers are usually either Disc Plough or ridge moulder or forming board type. However, when a agriculture bed maker machine is created with a typical bund forming, it is manually shaped and packed with a shovel and feet. This process takes a lot of time and effort.In the automated farm, the bund maker creates the field boundaries and prepares it for irrigation using either a tractor or animals.

To address the effort inherent in these tasks, a tractor operated bed maker for agriculture was created and constructed. In an effort to further reduce the use of fuel, time, and other resources, bund forming and packing are combined in one pass. The disc-type bund former, a rectangular toolbar frame, and a packing unit made up the bund former-cum-packer (concentric cylindrical roller, driveshaft, conical discs, compressive shanks, etc.).

When the farming bed making machine created by the former-cum-packer was tested in the field, no water seepage nor bund breakdown during flood irrigation were discovered. At 2.93 km/h in second low gear, the tractor’s field capacity was 1.4 ha/h. The bund former-cum-packer can minimise the manpower need for bund packing by roughly 96%. The equipment has the ability to boost resource productivity by 38% when used as a whole.

Importance of using farming implements:

The difficulty of that time period, when humans had to rely on animals for farming, cannot be questioned by the younger generations. Additionally, they had to use self-force to plough, plant, water, and sow the seeds. Once the crops were fully ready, they had to reap and harvest them. They worked all day and all night, spending their days and evenings with their family and livestock. It was undoubtedly a very difficult or exhausting task.

The significance of contemporary implements and the vehicle used to drive them (tractors) then became apparent. Companies underwent innovative and experimental processes and were exposed to new technologies. To make farming easier and boost productivity in a cost- and time-efficient manner, they created tractors and attachable implements. For example bed making machine for agriculture, and Harvesting And Threshing Lawn Mover

How useful it is:

For successful flood irrigation control, it is utilised to create irrigation banks up to 500–600 mm high and 600–800 mm wide, as well as bunds that are the right size and shape for the crop and soil conditions. It creates bunds to use irrigation water more effectively. To change the bund’s width and height, the Discs can be adjusted along the frame. Even the disc’s angle can be changed.

One of the most well-known and reputable companies, Malik Agro Industries provides a wide selection of agriculture bed maker. Our agriculture maker is used in irrigation to create bunds of various sizes and shapes that correspond to the crop. Our Agriculture farm bed maker is trustworthy and well-known for its useful applications.

  • its structure is made with a sturdy channel design.
  • Blades made of premium steel and a sheet with excellent strength.
  • The ridge’s width and depth can be changed.
  • It can create ridges up to a width of 400–1000 mm.

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