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Chisel Plough for Sale in South Africa

The Best Chisel Plough for Sale in South Africa: A sharp and witty tool for preparing Agricultural Land

You might be disguised by the rougher finish of a chisel plough. It offers numerous hidden advantages, making it a phenomenal option for preparing the land and minimizing soil disruption. It loosens the compact soil layers to enable an efficient air and water flow. The construction of 3-point linkage chisel plough is kept highly strapping to break the rough and stony land. Its robust structure makes it easily break compact soil layers to let the water penetrate at a deeper length. It prevents soil from getting inverted and burying the top layers of fertile soil underneath. Otherwise, the layers are solid and impenetrable. You need a chisel plough for sale in South Africa to shatter land and aerate it. 

Looking for a gadget to get a deep tillage? Try Chisel Plough by Malik Agro Industries 

To characterize an unprecedented chisel plough, an extensive list of features may appear. To name a few, it may include a rugged frame design, appropriate depth settings, easy trash clearance, and the capacity to operate comfortably. Malik Agro Industries is ready to deliver more than you want, as it always aims to line up with the customer’s needs. Your search can quickly end on the Massey Ferguson chisel plough; no other option is required after that. 

Chisel plough in South Africa 

In South Africa, agriculture is not only a means of enhancing local production, but it is central to several issues. It needs to foster economic growth and food security while alleviating poverty at the same time. The significance of the agriculture sector can be realized from the stats that greater than 70% of rural communities rely on agriculture as the sole source of income. Are you looking for a used chisel plough for sale? 

But the poor performance in the agriculture sector heavily constrains their economic growth and prosperity in general. By putting vigorous efforts into farming, South Africa can achieve high land productivity and reduce poverty levels. Some farming equipment tends to promote land fertility and save farmers time and effort. Chisel plough use prepares land for developing proper crop root systems. 

Chisel plough uses are crucial to rocky land surfaces, which do not provide the required vent to water channels, sunlight, and air ventilation. It improves soil layers to allow proper development and profound expansion of crops. Small storage spaces are created, which store water for crop root zones. This way, crops develop better tolerance to scarce water conditions and generate a better yield of crops. 

Specifications of Chisel Plough: Ensure deep tillage with the best plowing tool 

But how can this tractor chisel plough be the best pick for you? It is definitely an ideal choice for deep tillage, owing to its immensely breathtaking specifications. Its rigid and well-thought-out design makes a loud statement among an extensive list of plowing tools. The backbone of the vehicle is made up of a hefty frame structure with an exceptional build that gives it ultimate strength for penetrating gravelly soil. 

  • Shovels can be easily positioned and replaced 
  • Tractor compatibility up to 85 hp 
  • Operating width 1.20 meters 
  • Heavy steel frame with no visible nuts and bolts 
  • Provided with 3 heavy-duty tines to keep the penetrating length consistent up to 20.’’ 
  • Simple and easy to work 

Contact us now to get deep tillage and enhanced fertility of your land with the best chisel plough price. All the helpful information is disseminated on our website and social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other brand? 

A brand earns name and trust by serving customers for ages. In order to keep itself innovative and productive, each company needs to bring something exciting. Malik Agro Industries knows perfectly what its customer needs and what its competitors lack. It keeps itself abreast of the latest trends in the agricultural market and finds out the potential gap. This gap is then fulfilled by innovative manufacturers and set to sell at economical prices. 

Simply put, your quest for affordable and problem-solving gadgets ends when you get to know Malik Agro Industries. It has earned specialization in manufacturing every type of agricultural machine. Email us or text on WhatsApp and get your long-yearned chisel plough. 


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