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Chisel Plough

A Farming tool:

A common instrument for preparing land for deep tillage that causes little soil disruption is the chisel plough. The main function of this plough is to aerate and loosen soils while spreading crop residue over the soil surface. This plough can be used to break up hardpan and ploughpan and minimise compaction’s effects.

  • it aerates and loosens the soil, which lessens the impact of compaction.
  • can aid in bridging hardpan
  • conditions for low-till agriculture that prevents soil erosion
  • prevents the development of surface crusts, which promotes soil water infiltration.

severe weed roots that are below the surface using a chisel.



Your farm’s success may be significantly impacted by the tools and machinery you utilise. When it comes to farming, chisel plough uses in particular perform a variety of crucial functions. By understanding these functions, you may shop for farm equipment and tools for your operations with more knowledge. The post from Malik Agro Industries this week breaks down chisel plough, a guide to help you purchase the right product.

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A common farming equipment for thorough tillage is the chisel or tractor chisel plough. Its major objective is to aerate and loosen your soil while leaving crop remains on the soil’s surface.

  • Compaction is lessened. It’s crucial to understand that chisels do not turn or invert the soil, in contrast to many other tillage instruments.
  • As a result, a chisel is an excellent tool for no-till or low-till farming since it works to stop erosion and keeps organic matter on the soil’s surface all year long.
  • These reasons lead to the general consensus that chisels are a more environmentally friendly type of tillage implement than many others.

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Chiseling is usually done in the fall, and in the spring, secondary tillage is done. The typical depth of chisels is 8 to 12 inches, with a maximum depth of 18 inches.

  • It create a rough surface and leave between 50 and 70 percent of the previous maize or grain residue on top of the soil.
  • The distance between each of the separate shanks is normally between 9 and 12 inches. Malik Agro Industries can also provide you used chisel plough for sale as well.


There are several things to take into account when choosing a chisel plough use for your farm. It can significantly affect how well your farming activities go, so you should choose chisels that are both well-made and cost-effective.

  • You should put quality and dependability first because you want a plough you can use for many seasons.
  • Buying chisels made of inferior materials will result in you having to replace them more frequently than required, costing you money and time.
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To ensure that your plough will hold up in a range of soil conditions, always check to see if it offers impact and abrasion resistance.

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