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Massey Tractor 385 Model, Specs, and Price in Pakistan 2022 

Massey Tractor 385 Model, Specs, and Price in Pakistan 2022 

What is the Specification, and Price Massey Tractor 385 Model?

The Massey Ferguson mf 385 4wd tractor is regarded as the best tractor machinery available. It is the most esteemed unit for handling any heavy-duty dragging and loading. This machine was built by engineers, and it has several cutting-edge characteristics. And when we discuss the massey ferguson 385 4×4 Price in Pakistan 2022, we have a product that was made with a specific purpose and is within an affordable price range. Details regarding the Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan are available. 


Some prominent massey ferguson 385 4wd specifications 90 Hp Tractors: 

  • High performance diesel type 4.41 
  • Low noise engine 
  • Reduced gaseous emissions under ece r49 
  • Reduced smoke level 
  • Oil cooler added for effective cooling 
  • Hydrostatic power steering 
  • Efficient oil immersed disc brake system 
  • Spring suspension deluxe seat 
  • Easy accessibility to service points 


A tractor is a self-propelled motor vehicle used to push and pull work equipment as part of numerous mobile tasks. Additionally, it is suitable for fixed operation. It is made up of an electrical instrument, an engine, a transmission, walking, steering, a hydraulic suspension, a power output, and a traction system or device. The tractor can be used in plains, grasslands, pastures, orchards, mountains, hills, and paddy fields. It can perform all types of field tasks, including harrowing, ploughing, sowing, fertilising, harvesting, etc., in addition to transportation and fixed tasks. Are you looking for massey ferguson tractor prices in ghana? 


The two categories: 

We provide the best massey ferguson tractor models at Malik Agro Industries. Two categories of it are 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive tractors. At the same power level, tractors experience corresponding four-wheel drive deformation. These tractors have a number of advantages over similar-powered tractors, including good adhesion, high traction, trafficability, operability, mobility, and working stability. As a result, it can better meet the needs of paddy fields, hilly land, grassland, soft land, and wet land. It can also be use in complex terrain areas with high productivity and favorable economic outcomes. It is possible to install a flexible, user-friendly hydraulic steering system that lessens the driver’s workload. Searching for  massey ferguson ghana?  

The tractor features three different types of tracks that can be used in various terrains: narrow, medium, and wide. Advanced power: The diesel engines have well-known brands, are quiet, easy to start, have advanced performance, and are long-lasting. Contact us for massey ferguson tractor for sale in ghana.  



What makes the MF 385 4wd 90 HpTractor a good investment? 

Malik Agro Industries manufactures the Massey Ferguson MF 385 4WD in Pakistan and exports it to North America under the four-wheel drive tractor category. Within its category, this tractor is well-liked. On the other side, its rival model, the New Holland NH70-56 tractor. The 85-horsepower MF 385 4WD tractor is a modern farmer-specific model. The only difference between the MF385 2WD and MF385 4WD engines is the transmission arrangement. We provide you massey ferguson tractor ghana 

We have a variety of tractors like massey ferguson 290, and much more.  


This tractor has a maximum engine output of 85 HP at 2,200 rpm, a maximum torque of 291 Nm, and a PTO output of 70 HP. This tractor uses a Perkins/4.41 engine with a compression ratio of 15.3:1 and 4 cylinders. Utilizing a water cooling system, the engine is cooled. The 305x254mm diameter dual clutch type is constructed of cerametallic material. This tractor has a 45A/2.8Kw alternator (generator) and a 12 volt, 96 Ah battery attached. The MF 385 4WD tractor’s top road speed is 28 km/h in the forward 4th high gear. Looking for massey ferguson tractor 385 4wd for sale?  


Why Malik Agro Industries, exactly? 

Contact us for mf tractors, massey ferguson tractor price list. Modern agricultural technology is provided to the global agriculture industry by Malik Agro Industries. Products, systems, and services from Malik Agro Industries offer highly effective, innovative solutions for agricultural equipment. Lahore, Pakistan’s primary agricultural market, is home to Malik Agro Industries’ corporate headquarters. Integrity, courage, teamwork, and devotion are the tenets of the corporate culture, which serves to invigorate their clients and contribute to a more profitable future. Malik Agro Industries sets itself apart through outstanding innovation, excellent quality, individualised customer service, and astute marketing. 


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