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Tine Cultivator

The name Tine Cultivator in Ghana is attributed to an implement meant for row crop cultivation, while in Pakistan it is employed as a secondary tillage equipment for seed bed preparation.

  • It is arranged with a V-shaped thin shovel/tine fastened with C-shaped or L-shaped standard which is coupled to the frame.
  • The cultivator has staggered front and back gangs of nine, eleven, thirteen, fifteen, etc. tines.
  • The cultivators are connected to the bottom links of category I&II tractors.
  • To get around hard soil spots and prevent the cultivator from breaking, the top end of the standard is typically attached with a spring.
  • If a tine cultivator is not run crosswise, the soil is not cut.


Information on Tine Cultivator in Ghana

The primary duties of the sector cultivator include creating a suitable seedbed for the crop to be planted into, burying crop residue within the soil (which helps to warm the soil before planting), controlling weeds, and combining and incorporating the soil to ensure the growing crop has enough water and nutrients to grow well throughout the season. The machine’s back end has a few thin, narrow rods that clear the soil’s surface for subsequent planting, and the machine’s many shanks set on the underside of a metal frame. The majority of field cultivators who, Tine Cultivator in Ghana, use one to many hydraulic cylinders to raise, descend, and regulate the depth of the implement.

A lot of flexibility, Tine Cultivator in Ghana

For example, you might put your seed drill behind the Evers fixed-cultivator tines to combine passes using the optional hydraulic lifting system. The back roller of the tillage machine allows for extremely precise adjustment of the working depth. The soil is also compacted, levelled, and crumbled using the back roller. The soil’s ability to absorb water and its level of oxygen are both improved by rear rollers. This reduces soil erosion and enhances soil quality.

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Rigid tine cultivator

It has a mainframe built of box section, robust tines, Uclamps, and shovels and is installed on tractors. The ability to change the spacing between them in accordance with crop rows is provided by the clamping of the tines. The shovels are constructed from low alloy or medium carbon steel that has been hardened and tempered to the appropriate hardness. The shovels are fastened to the tynes and may be readily replaced as they start to wear or become dull. The tractor’s hydraulic system regulates the depth of operation. For shallow tillage, duck foot sweeps can be used in place of shovels. If you are looking for cultivator tines price, visit Malik Aro Industries.

Type of Tines shovels


  • ferguson 9 tine cultivator
  • Row spacing: 711mm
  • Clearance (under Frame): 550m
  • Tractor Compatibility: 45-85 Hpz
  • Spring loaded – 51 mm reversible point Tractor Compatibility 25-36 HP 35-55 HP 60-85 HP

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