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In conjunction with a walking tractor, a Ditcher for sale in Sudan is employed. Practically speaking,

  • The Ditcher for walking tractor offers benefits of high output and simple operation.
  • This machine can perform rotating operations in addition to ditch and ridge functions.
  • In Pakistan, Malik Agro Industries produces high-quality tractor implements. We provide a broad selection of top-notch agricultural farming equipment for the entire farming cycle.


Ditcher for sale in Sudan

This offers a variety of earth moving devices, ranging from the traditional single-wheeled and double-wheeled Ditchers to the more bizarre single double wheel Ditchers, coming full circle with the unique vertical Ditchers. It is mostly used to make drainage and irrigation canals. Even though its name varies depending on the customer’s region, a Ditcher for sale in Sudan is just an agricultural machine that is drawn by a tractor with mechanical drive.

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  • For Digging Smooth: straight trenches, trenchers are more advantageous. Additionally, they let you work more quickly than excavators. Excavators, however, offer greater versatility. They are able to work on various surfaces and dig sloped ditches.
  • Trenchers: Trenchers come in a variety of sizes, from walk-behind units to skid or tractor attachments to very large tracked heavy machinery. We have a wide range of it at Malik Agro Industries.

Characteristics of the Walking Tractor Ditcher

Walking tractors are used with ditchers for them. The digging for walking tractors has the advantages of high production efficiency and simple operation in real-world situations. This equipment can ditch and ridge in addition to doing rotary tasks.

  • Tasks:

  • Due of these qualities, people mostly utilise ditchers to ditch and ridge dry land in actual applications. This machine excels particularly in orchard, tea garden, vegetable, peanut, and other commercial crop fields.If you want to purchase ferguson ditcher and Seed drill , visit Malik Agro Industries.
  • Utilizing the ditcher for tractor is quite convenient for the users. On loose soil, the machine can simultaneously complete digging, soil breaking, ditching, and ridging. Additionally, anchoring the soil before ditching is typically the best option for wastelands or hard soil.
  • Based on the real application, we can infer that the ditching performance of the ditcher for walking tractors is good. It has a depth range of 40 to 50 cm, a breadth range of 20 to 40 cm, and may be modified with cutters at the user’s desire.
  • Additionally, the tractor mounted ditcher for walking has remarkable adaptability. It works effectively whether the terrain is hilly or flat, dry or wet, with sheds, orchards, or even small fields. We provide all the agricultural machinery under one roof.

Malik Agro Industries:

In Pakistan, Malik Agro Industries produces high-quality tractor implements. We provide a broad selection of top-notch agricultural farming equipment for the entire farming cycle. In addition, we offer Massey Ferguson tractors, new Holland tractors, a road sweeper, a threshing machine, maize shellers, rice shellers, fertiliser sprayers, bund makers, wheat threshers, tine tillers, boom sprayers, and ridgers.

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