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Jib Crane

The tractor jib crane in Sudan, Malik Agro Industries is a capable and trustworthy work assistant.

  • You may easily perform all of your work-related activities with its assistance.
  • Although we offer a variety of jib crane equipment.
  • Cranes can work with you to find the best solutions for a variety of material handling issues.
  • Additionally, our maximum lifting capacity of 10 tonnes surpasses that of other comparable devices of European and American brands.
  • While we provide your manufacturing safer and more dependable alternatives.


Tractor jib crane in Sudan: What are they and Why are they Used?

Cranes are a mechanical handling solution that makes it safe to move huge items inside of a workshop, building, or other structure. The crane’s mast will fixed to a sturdy object, such as a wall or floor. So, that it can sustain both its own weight and that of the goods or materials you’re moving. Consider the mast or mount as the base on which the rest of the tractor jib crane in Sudan will attached. The mast or mount will next secured to the boom or track.

How tractor jib crane in Sudan Operate

jib crane for tractor can used in a variety of ways depending on how they operated. There are options for powered and manual operation. So, although they operate somewhat differently depending on the type of jib crane you’re searching for, they essentially do the same thing.

  • The rotation, transverse, and lift motions are the three basic jib crane actions that you will probably employ while using it.
  • The boom will essentially rotate around the pillar or mount in this type of action.
  • The hoist moves transversely as it travels along the boom (horizontally). Lift motion is the term for the vertical movement of items or commodities (up and down).
  • If your crane driven, the lift action accomplished with the help of a winch, hoist, or pulley system, most utilising a chain.
  • But if you choose a powered jib crane. You can simply utilise the controls that come with it to start the mechanical movements.


Any location with goods or resources that would be difficult to move without one has to use a tractor jib crane. Virtual College advises that the average man shouldn’t lift more than 25 kg at work; for women, this amount drops to 16 kg. A Met-Track jib crane, however, has the ability to lift up to 1000 kg of weight at once.

Various Jib Crane Types

Cranes are a useful addition to any industrial setting because they may utilised both indoors and outdoors. Jib cranes come in a wide variety of designs and configurations, so no matter the application, you’ll find them to be effective.

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Jib Fixed to the Floor

A massey ferguson jib crane pillar placed on the floor when it is floor-mounted. The crane can pick up and move anything within a set radius in any direction because to this design’s ability to swing up to 270 degrees, and in certain cases, all the way around, depending on the design.


If your crane is wall-mounted, you can rotate it between 180 and 200 degrees.  Accordingly, depending on the mounting position and its surroundings, you will be able to move objects in a 200-degree arc.

Components of the Jib Crane:

The vertical beam known as the mast is where the crane’s parts supported. Except for wall mounted, wall travelling, column mounted, and ceiling mounted jib cranes, they are present in the bulk of them. The mast is firmly fastened to the floor or walls of a building and is constructed of high strength steel. We can help you with agricultural machinery and also industrial machinery equipment.

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