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Mould Board Plough

The Mould Board Plough in Somalia is the most important plough for first tillage in places with considerable rainfall or canal irrigation where a lot of weeds proliferate.

  • To completely invert and pulverise the soil, uproot all weeds, garbage, and crop leftovers, and bury them under the soil are the goals of plugging with a mould board.
  • The purpose of the mould board is to thoroughly bury the unwanted growth, which will later decompose to generate manure, by chopping down the soil and turning it on its right-hand side. dirt turning and rising.
  • It is frequently used in stony and rooted soils.


How Does Mould Board Plough In Somalia Function?

They cut a row while twisting and aerating the soil simultaneously, leaving a planting furrow with a rise of loose, aerated soil on the side. Additionally, it aids in blending the fertiliser applied prior to turning the soil.A Mould Board Plough in Somalia has broad, curved blades that dig deeply into the soil as they are driven across the ground by a tractor.

What Benefits Does A Mould Board Plough In Somalia Offer?

  • It provides the soil a smooth structure and breaks up the dense clods.
  • If properly adjusted, the plough will find the necessary depth on its own; additional weight is not necessary to attain the appropriate depth.
  • The plough improves the soil’s capacity for drainage.
  • The mould board plough is best suited for areas with frequent weed revival because it buries weeds that usually emerge after harvest. Weeds cannot sprout until the following growing season because to the MB plough’s extensive soil inversion.
  • The mouldboard plough also helps to create a more hospitable environment for plants to develop healthily while safeguarding the farm from pests.
  • Crop leftovers are buried deeper into the ground by the mould-board plough, allowing for faster soil surface warming due to decomposition. Reach out to us for mold bold plough and Laser land leveler

Mouldboard Plough Parts

  • A depth control wheel is necessary in highly fluctuating ploughing circumstances in order to keep a constant depth.
  • Coulter used to assist in removing the wall-mounted furrow slice. Also, it cutsso that the plough can more thoroughly cover it. Additionally, Coulters lessens the plough’s draught. Coulter types: When trash is not particularly heavy, plain coulters are utilised. Coulters with notches are used for heavy rubbish and hard ground.
  • The jointer hangs over the plough bottom and resembles a small plough bottom. It removes a small portion of the furrow slice that is just above the soil and slightly in front of the plough. In order to be buried deeper, the waste at the top of the furrow slice is transferred towards the area that has been tilled.
  • On top of the rubbish is placed a small amount of soil to lessen its propensity to pitch. Air volume has decreased.
  • Strike the furrow wall with the side thrust of the plough. The rear furrow wheel supports the back end of the ploughs on bigger mounted type ploughs. It requires a third of the plough’s weight. maintains the plough’s straight path. It also regulates the depth of the plough’s back bottom.We have the best farm machinery dealers, Malik Agro Industries.
  • The majority of tractor-drawn mold bold plough use it. The rear furrow wheel’s job is to push the side of the plough up against the furrow wall. The rear furrow wheel supports the back end of the ploughs on bigger mounted type ploughs.
  • It carries a third of the plough’s weight.
  • It aids in regulating the depth of the plough’s back bottom. It lessens pressure on the landside. It should be 12 to 20 mm away from the furrow wall.

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