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Offset Disc Harrow

Offset Disc Harrow

Used when working in open fields for superficial ploughing, clod-shattering, soil preparation for sowing, and burying of organic materials and remains. Light and medium soils are suitable for its application.

  • Used when working in open fields for superficial ploughing, clod-shattering, soil preparation for sowing, and burying of organic materials and remains.
  • Light and medium soils are suitable for its application.
  • Disc made of high-grade boron steel with a 48–52 HRC hardness.
  • The harrow’s tillage depth is 127–178 mm.

transportable with ease due to its ease of mounting and attachment


Features And Advantages Of Offset Disc Harrow Use In Agriculture

It is a tool with many uses, including levelling heavy soil, getting rid of dead grass, and preparing the seedbed for root aeration. If farmers and agriculturalists wish to boost productivity, they must make excellent equipment investments. One of the most crucial pieces of farm equipment for farmers is the Offset Disc Harrow.  A seedbed can be created by using a harrow to quickly, easily, and effectively break up soil clods and give the soil a rich finish. Visit our website to check harrow for sale.

Wide Range:

The majority of manufacturers provide a wide range of harrowing equipment to suit different needs and applications. disc plow, chain harrows, chain disc harrows, and offset disk harrow are some of the most often used harrowing tools. Traditionally, these machines were drawn by horses and mules, but current harrowers are pulled by tractors.

High-Quality Equipment:

It is useful for a variety of tasks, such as levelling out heavy soil, getting rid of dead grass, and getting ready the seedbed for root aeration. To boost their output, farmers and agriculturalists must purchase high-quality harrow equipment for sale. Equipment for harrowing aids in breaking up soil clumps quickly, easily, and effectively to provide the soil a rich finish that will allow it to be utilised as a seedbed.

Harrows come in a wide range of variants from numerous manufacturers to suit a number of uses. The most popular harrow kinds include atv disc harrow and atv disc plow. Historically, horses and mules were used to pull this equipment; however, modern harrows are now mounted to tractors. For high-quality equipment, offset disc harrow for sale and also Laser Land Leveler, reach out to us!

Before seeding, harrowing is a vital soil management technique. It aids in breaking up clods on surface crusts, improves soil granulation and homogeneity, inhibits the growth of weeds, and eradicates those that already exist. Are you looking for an offset disc for sale, reach out to us!

Following are some typical applications for a disc harrow:

How To Use A Disc Harrow

  • Establishing a nice seedbed
  • Dissolving the clods
  • Crushing or thoroughly combining the soil
  • Aerates the soil
  • removing weeds
  • Following broadcast, covering the seeds

Disc Harrow Types

When looking for a harrow, you must choose wisely among the numerous models on the market. According to how they are used for soil management, different disc harrow types can be categorised as follows:

Offset Disc Harrow:

This tool is used for ploughing in medium and light soil. When attached to the tractor, it can be moved. Visit Malik Agro Industries for offset disc plough for sale.

Hydraulic Harrow For Heavy-Duty

Work Bearing spools are part of hydraulic harrows, which provide greater lubrication and reduce tractor load. High-quality seals guard against mud and water getting into the hub and bearing.

Tandem Disc Harrow:

Discs made of premium steel can be utilised in light and medium soil. It may be used for tillage depths between 100 and 152 mm and is quick hitch compatible.

The purpose of the disking on a farm determines the kind of tractor disc harrow a farmer needs. Choose a disc harrow that is appropriate for your tractor’s power when using it on a large farm or other piece of land.

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