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Axle Parts

The most common importer of axle parts, which primarily consist of an axle and a wheel, is Malik Agro Industries. Our quality cannot be compared to that of local materials.
● The axle could be the hub of a wheel or gear that rotates. on the package. Along with being fastened to the wheels, the axle can rotates as well.
● alternatively connected to the car, with the wheels spinning around the tractor axle.
● The mounting points where the axle is supported have bearings or bushings.
● Additionally, in the latter scenario, a bushing or effect is positioned inside the wheel’s centre hole to enable the wheel or gear to spin around the axle.


Details For Axel Parts

The production of the tractor parts is overseen by a group of highly qualified specialists. We offer the tractor part in tamper-proof packaging and at incredibly low costs. Our front and rear tractor axle parts come in two different varieties.

 What are front axles and their various types?

  • It is utilised to support the entire weight of a tractor’s front end.
  • It contains king pins and steering arms, which make it simple to manoeuvre the vehicle.
  • Through its swinging motion, the machine is kept in a regular levelled position.
  • The case’s internal springs serve as a shock absorber.
  • This tool is also used in 4 wheel drive vehicles to transmit power to the road wheels.

Front Axle Construction

Wheel Beam

The tractor axle carries the entire front end load. While running on the field, it can endure shocks. The field is very irregular and not a flat surface. axle tractor beams are particularly strong by nature because of this characteristic. The main axle beam’s various cross sections are illustrated in the table below.

Type Split Axle Beam

Single beam axles were frequently utilised in the past and are still used today for earth moving tractors. However, split type beams are typically employed in agricultural projects. These are made up of three components, with the centre piece joining the front of the tractor chassis with a centre pin and the right and left beams joining the centre piece with nuts and bolts. Although this mechanism is built into the majority of tractors, some of them also feature a coil spring between the king pin and boss of the axle beam.

Linkball Drag Joint

We already know that the steering assembly is fastened to the chassis frame and that the stub axle is fixed to the axle beam, allowing for normal mobility. Ball Joints are employed to give the Stub Axle angular movement. Balls in ball joints move in accordance with the angle.

Radius rods

Radius rods are common in Chassis-less Tractors. Radius Rods’ primary function is to keep the front axle’s straight stance while relieving the engine of front side force.

Malik Agro Industries the best tractor axle parts and also for Tractor Body Parts.

Fixing the front axle

Since agricultural tractors’ front axles are solid in design, they often don’t need much maintenance. However, frequent maintenance and lubrication are always required. You should be aware of the actions required to stop quality decline over time. Center pivots and king pin bush wear out over time if apartment maintenance is neglected.

In this situation, it is best to rebuild the current brushes using proper welding and machining techniques or to replace the old ones with new ones. Just keep in mind that it is best practise to replace worn-out bushes.


One of the tractor’s parts that is found in the differential is the rear axle. Transmission of power from the differential to the wheel is its primary purpose. Rear Axle refers to this part since it is mounted on the tractor’s rear wheels. The rear axle’s outer casing is known as the rear axle. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rear axle. The rear Axle case includes an inner peripheral surface, ring gear included in planetary reduction, and is coupled to five transmission cases. Mechanism with a ring gear located on the rear axle case’s inner peripheral surface.

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