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Passenger Seat


Passenger Seat

Reasons Supporting a Passenger Seat As noted earlier, the explanations for carrying extra riders are numerous and deeply embedded within the culture of farming. Among the explanations identified by agricultural safety professionals are that it:

Enhances the training of tractor operators

Improves the demonstration of tractors purchasable

Transports workers to worksites

Assists operations requiring extra help

Facilitates communications between workers

Strengthens interpersonal relationships

Supports a desired work ethic among farmers

Represents one method of parenting

Provides for an assistant in emergency situations

Not everyone agrees that these are sufficient reasons. Since most tractor operators have reasons for carrying or being an additional rider, an additional seat will be said to extend passenger safety for several reasons, including:

Reducing interference with the operator

Lowering passenger injury potential in an accident

Lowering level of passenger fatigue

Reducing need for passenger to focus on holding on

Providing a safer alternative than other passenger locations

Encouraging the utilization of tractors with ROPS cabs

Specification of passenger seat

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