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MF 290 2wd Tractor

Massey Ferguson 290 Tractor For Sale In Nigeria

Massey Ferguson Tractor 290 For Sale In Nigeria, Mf 290 Price In Nigeria 2020, Specifications & Booking

Massey Ferguson 290 tractor for sale in Nigeria is another very powerful model of Massey Ferguson, which comes with hydrostatic power steering. MF 290 (2wd) is Efficient, powerful and easy to operate Tractor. Its longer wheel base provides greater pulling power.

The Massey Ferguson 290 2wd versions available Malik agro industries Pakistan. It comes with a 4 cylinder Perkins engine producing 78 horse power. Power steering as standard and a full cabin. The Massey Ferguson 290 2wd tractor is our most popular of the Massey Ferguson 500 series. Over the years we have sold many of this model to over 20 countries and it still remains a very popular choice for farmers in the African states  and worldwide.

Massey Ferguson 290 Specification

Massey Ferguson 290 Specs Value
Fuel type Diesel
Engine producer Perkins
Engine model Perkins A4.248
Engine type Diesel (diesel engine)
Engine capacity 4.1 l.
Strokes, qty 4
Cylinders 4
Compression n.d.
Bore 98 mm
Stroke 127 mm
Maximum torque n.d.
Air filter n.d.
Fuel filter n.d.
Fuel filter chambers, qty n.d.
Oil filter n.d.
Oil pump n.d.
Speed control (control) n.d.
Injection pump n.d.
Injectors n.d.
Injection pressure n.d.
Cooling system liquid cooled engine
Forced cooling n.d.
Cooler yes
Thermostat Yes
Cooler type tubular-plate cooler
Coolant system capacity n.d.
Clutch n.d.



Massey Ferguson 290 Specs Value
Maximum power (HP / kW) 90 HP (67.1 kW)
Engine RPM 2200 rpm
Fuel consumption n.d.
Fuel tank capacity n.d.
Max. speed n.d.



Massey Ferguson 290 Specs Value
Turbocharger No
Dual turbocharger Not applicable
Intercooler Not applicable
Aftercooler Not applicable
Wastegate valve Not applicable
Variable geometry Not applicable
Additional parameters
Massey Ferguson 290 Specs Value
Supply voltage starter (V) n.d.
Ground b.d.
Battery (V) b.d.
Battery, qty b.d.
Charging system Generator
Charging system producer n.d.
Ignition Manual
Rear stop lamp Yes
Rear agricultural lamp n.d.
Cock lamp No



Massey Ferguson 290 Specs Value
PTO rpm 540 rpm
PTO control manual
Massey Ferguson 290 Specs Value
Brake assist No
Braking system n.d.
Differential No
Brake type disc brakes, wet brakes
Discs Single


Massey Ferguson 290 Price In Nigeria 2020

Malik agro industries offering Massey Ferguson 290 price in Nigeria 2020.

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Brand New Massey Ferguson 290 For Sale In Nigeria

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How To Order Massey Ferguson 290 From Pakistan To Nigeria

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