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Welcome To Malik Agro Industries

Malik Agro Industries agriculture machinery are made using a specific recipe: one-third observation, one-third inspiration, and one-third consultation. Every stage involves our customers; they are the key to creating innovation that can improve productivity from the first day of use. Malik Agro Industries offers wide range of agriculture machinery satisfying the need of every agriculture related industry. We facilitate our customers by providing complete solution from specifications to execution in most coordinated manner.

Mf 375 2wd Tractors

Malik Agro Industries is happy to offer MF tractor to its loyal customers in a reliable manner.

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Massey Ferguson Tractors

Choose MF 385 tractor because of the reliable services it provides, durable and very effective.

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Disc Plough

An efficient tool for weed control, soil preparation, and mixing harvest leftovers is disc harrow.

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Disc Harrow

The disc plough performs tasks like rock breaking, soil elevating and soil mixing of all kinds.

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Hydraulic Farm Trailer

Hydraulic Farm Trailer

With Hydraulic farm trailer, moving bricks, sand, dirt and other materials is now simple & easy.

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New Holland NH 7056 (85 HP 4WD)

Tractor NH 7056 (85 HP 4W) by Malik Agro Industries comes with a powerful steering arm and spindle.

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About Our Company

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Malik Agro Industries provides leading-edge Agriculture technology to the global of Agriculture industry.

Malik Agro Industries agriculture machinery, systems and services offer the Agriculture equipment’s professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value. The headquarters of the Malik Agro Industries is in the Main Hub of Pakistan agriculture machinery Lahore. enthuse their customers and build a better future. The corporate culture is founded on integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment.


    We have different tractor brands available of Massey Ferguson brand and the new Holland brand whose horsepower range is between 50hp-95 HP. Our most popular tractor models are MF -240 2wd (50HP).MF 260 2wd (60 HP).MF 360 2wd/4wd.MF 375 2wd/4wd (75 HP).MF 385 2wd/4wd (85 HP) range.
    In the new Holland brand, the most popular, is the new Holland (70-56 )4wd and NH 640-S (75 HP).
    Our price range is 8000-17000 $ for different model.

    We have a wide range of stock readily available in Lahore, Pakistan. Shipment are available to your nearby port.
    You can transfer payment from your company bank account to our company bank account via telegraphic transfer.

    Malik Agro Industries have a wide range of implements available for farming which includes ploughs, harrows, ridgers, ditchers, planters, sprayers, trolleys, threshers, harvestors, rotavators, Tine tillers and, Movers. we also have industrial attachments available at Malik Agro Industries.

    Find an online inquiry about your required products and contact us via email, WhatsApp, or chat support.
    Our sales team will help you throughout the process till shipment at your doorstep.

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