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Tractor Trolley

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  • Some businesses import hydraulic and other parts for hydraulic jack trolleys.
  • These cost more than those made nearby.
  • Jack trolley maintenance and repair are simple.
  • Every city in Pakistan has access to spare parts, so order or make a reservation from your preferred business.
  • Construction tractors and agricultural equipment suppliers are available in Pakistan.


Tractor trolley price in Srilanka:

Flexibility in loading and unloading items and commodities, such as agricultural produce, by just tossing them, which lowers transportation costs overall. A trailer’s lifespan is increased by using high-quality hub, axle, bearings, and a tipping mechanism (durability & reliability). Transporting tractor trolley price in Srilanka is simple because it is simple to mount or attach.

The 4 wheel and 2 wheel types of trolleys are offered for a variety of applications and managing different agricultural yields. For particular uses, a multi-point hitch bracket.

On the trolly, material can be loaded from all three sides. With just one pin, it is simply fastened to a hook at the back. Additionally, when separated from the tractor, it features a stand to keep it level. A broad range of agricultural tractor trolleys are what we manufacture and provide. From one field to another, they are utilised to transport dirt or other materials. These are hydraulically operated and extremely effective.

Features of tractor trolley price in Srilanka:

  • Strong Durability
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Prices That Lead the Industry

fatigue is decreased, and comfort is improved

manual handling makes it a regular source of major injuries in addition to being laborious and lowering short-term productivity. Overexertion and body reaction stand out as the leading cause of lost workdays in the United States, accounting for roughly 28 events per 10,000 full-time workers per year and 12 days lost on average. A trolley essentially takes the physically hard aspects of lifting out of the picture, creating a more optimal work environment that benefits both the health and productivity of the workers.

Suitable for a wide variety of loads

With the proper accessories, your trolley can be modified to handle boxes, drums, reels, crates, and many other common goods. If you are looking for tractor front blade then visit Malik Agro Industries.

lessen the likelihood of accidents

Utilizing trolley lifting equipment also lowers the danger of acute injuries brought on by accidents, just as enhanced ergonomics will have a favourable long-term health impact. One of the best methods to raise a company’s “days without accidents” rating is to employ specialised and secure instruments to safely move and transport things.

protects things being transported

The objects being lifted and transported commonly sustain damage as a result of manual handling, which is both cumbersome and expensive. In order to prevent operations that run the danger of damaging materials, a lifting cart is used to safely lift and hold heavy and awkward materials.

increased output

From the perspective of the employer, lifting trolleys are frequently wise purchases. They will shorten cycle times and boost productivity in practically any warehouse or manufacturing environment, whether used alone or in conjunction with other equipment.


A versatile, tough, and strong vehicle that can be easily attached to or detached from a tractor and trolley back is used to transport garbage, stone, bricks, sand, grains, and other materials at a cheaper cost than a traditional dump truck. Using hydraulic tipping trolleys can be a more affordable option.

Hydraulic Trolleys are up to the task whether it is for light construction work, farm use, or small-scale landscaping. obtainable in a range of sizes to accommodate various tractors and applications. hydraulic lift using the hydraulic system built inside the tractor. Automatically opening back door, heavy duty channel type base structure, and double acting hydraulic jack. We can help you with farm machinery dealers and also industrial machinery equipment.

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In Pakistan, Malik Agro Industries produces high-quality tractor trali implements. We provide a broad selection of top-notch agricultural farming equipment for the entire farming cycle. In addition, we offer Massey Ferguson tractors, new Holland tractors, a road sweeper, a threshing machine, maize shellers, rice shellers, fertiliser sprayers. And also, bund makers, wheat threshers, tine tillers, boom sprayers, and ridgers.

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