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The phrase dates back to the era of sailing ships, when a ridger was a person. who handled the ropes used to hoist the sails, called ridger in Srilanka.

  • Additionally, sailors may use their rope-handling abilities for lifting and hauling. prior to the invention of cranes, ropes, and pulleys for mechanical hauling.
  • All that was available to move big objects was muscle power.
  • Telecommunication ridgers are a specific subset of industrial ridgers.
  • Ridging eventually grew into its own transformation, giving rise to contemporary usages that still use parts of the original vocabulary but have long since forgotten their origins.


Benefits Of Ridger In Srilanka

Its discs operate in pairs, rotating in the opposite directions to rip up the earth and create ridges and bunds. Even in the most difficult ground conditions, the Ridger can pierce thanks to the discs. These ridger in Srilanka or bunds serve as walking routes, field boundaries, and devices for managing water when crops are sown.

Advantages Of Ridger In Srilanka

Its sturdy pipe structure gives the plough enough weight so that the discs can adequately plough the soil. Because of the ridger’s use of boron steel discs, which are highly durable, effective, and long-lasting, the farmer will incur minimal maintenance and operating expenditures. Looking for ridger for sale, visit us.

It has CNC-machined spindles and hubs that enable the discs to rotate smoothly and significantly lessen the burden on the tractor. Even in the harshest dirt conditions, the bearings used in these hubs will ensure little wear and tear. Superior seals prevent mud and water from entering the bearing and hub.

The farmer can change the height and width of the Used of Ridger or bund by adjusting the space between the discs.  The tool’s design makes it simple to disassemble, making it highly practical for the farmer to store it when not in use. Additionally, it is simple to transfer the disassembled tool to the field and install it there for use. 


Boron steel discs, a heavy-duty reinforced pipe frame, and CNC-machined spindles and hubs. Reach out to us for disc ridger for sale and Mould Board Plough.

Potato Ridger

After the ploughing, the ridging can be done with an adjustable ridge plough. It is comparable to a tractor. The organisation is easy. The frame is made of square steel pipes, and the ridge disc mechanism can change the angle of the ridging. The height and width of the ridging may also be altered. Malik Agro Industries is the best option if you are looking for Ridger sale near me.

Disc Ridger

Disking is a farming technique used to prepare the soil. Usually, it comes after shallow or deep ploughing. tractor ridger breaks up clods and surface crusts while ploughing slices, granulates, and inverts the soil, producing furrows and ridges. Disking also enhances surface uniformity and soil granulation. Disking, one of the most crucial soil preparation techniques, is helpful for encouraging weed growth and eliminates weeds that have already sprouted. Additionally, it helps with the crucial role of adding agricultural leftovers to the soil. Looking for a ridger price?

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