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Tine Tillers

In Pakistan tine tiller is employed as a secondary tillage tool to prepare seed beds, the phrase “little cultivator” refers to an implement made for row crop cultivation. It is set up with a narrow V-shaped shovel or tine bolted to a frame-attached C- or L-shaped standard.

  • The cultivator has staggered front and back gangs of nine, eleven, thirteen, fifteen, etc. tines.
  • Tine cultivators are connected to the bottom links of category I&II tractor. To get around hard soil spots and prevent the cultivator from breaking, the top end of the standard is typically attached with a spring.
  • If a tine cultivator is not run crosswise, the soil is not cut.


What Is A Tractor Tiller?

An agricultural instrument used to turn and cultivate the soil is a tractor tiller. There are numerous different types of tillers, but the phrase “tractor tiller” is most frequently used to describe a machine with rotating blades that is typically drawn by a tractor. A rotary tiller, also known as a tine tiller, is used to cultivate row crops, or plants that are arranged in long rows.tine tillers for tractors were powered by people or animals before the tractor was created. As farming got more automated, several varieties were produced by means of machinery. Some tillers, like the little rototillers used by backyard gardeners, are self-powered. Tractor tillers, on the other hand, are significantly larger than self-propelled tillers and are frequently placed on either a little two-wheeler or a massive four-wheeler tractor.

Uses Of Tine Tillers

A farmer turns and aerates new ground with a tractor tiller, as well as breaks up already worked soil even more. It belongs to the second group of tillage implements since it is frequently used to till previously ploughed ground, indicating that its main purpose is to prepare the soil for seeds. But it can also be used to break up hard ground and serve as the main tool for tillage. Some tractor tillers are made to eliminate weeds from between plant rows while others can be used to mix in fertiliser. If you are looking for best tine tillers, contact Malik Agro Industries. Contact Malik Agro Industries for the best tine tillers price and for other products like Bund Maker.

What Is The Performance And How It Works?

It can typically cultivate to a depth of 10 inches and is typically between three and thirteen feet long (about four metres) (25 cm). Typically, it can use one of three different types of blades. The most popular blades are bolo tines, which are hefty, wide, and designed to minimise clogging. Pick and chisel tines are made to work in extremely rough terrain and are slightly bent, shorter than bolo tines. The shortest blades, called slasher tines, are used to sever thick plant roots. Looking for Tine Tillers for sale, feel free to contact us!

Use It For These 5 Reasons

  • The wheels of rear tillers are powered by the engine, so the tines operate independently of the wheels.
  • They could have counter-rotating tines, which would mean that the tines would rotate in the opposite direction as the wheels. This technique is effective for tilling exceptionally difficult or fresh terrain.
  • Alternatively, you can use normal rotating tines, which rotate in the same direction as the wheels and are useful for re-tilling soil.
  • They include depth regulators that can be adjusted, allowing you to till at various heights for various soil types.
  • Most drive the tiller steadily thanks to their sizable treaded wheels.
  • They have side and rear sheilds to increase the level of safety when you till.

Regardless of the sort of tiller you select, make sure to take your garden’s size and the number of tillers you’ll need into account. As you cultivate your bounty, remember to have fun outside!

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