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Water Bowser

Used for watering the plants and cleaning the roads.
Used to carry water to far flung areas.


Water Bowser|water Bowser Suppliers And Manufacturers Pakistan –price And Booking


The tow-able Water Bowsers are the perfect solution for transporting liquid-based loads, such as water and fuel, in a safe manner. Tow-able bowsers have been designed in such a way that you can simply tow it around site with a tractor and spray of water onto the surface. It can even be used as a stationary piece of equipment to keep a specific area moist. Can be used to supply water for: watering shrubs, trees & general horticultural use. . The larger models can be used for spraying operations etc.

2000 liters to 20000 liters capacity suitable with tractor tow-able & truck mounted

Available in cylindrical, oval & elliptical shapes.

Large diameter rolled steel tank with internal baffle.

Top mounted suitable filling points.

Access ladder to filling points.

Rear mounted water sprinkler.

Suitable mudguards.

Heavy duty trailer for two able water units.


Specifications Of Water Bowser

Water Bowser                                                       1000 Gallon                                                              1300 Gallon

Size                                                                       4′ x G’ x8′                                                                 4’xG’.x12′

Main Whole                                                                                                                                            18″

Wail thickness                                                       3.20 mm                                                                    4 renin

UffIc Plate                                                             1                                                                                1

Chassis Channel                                                   trux3′                                                                          104′ x 31`

Axel Bearing                                                         7513×751.5                                                                751075113

Axel Pipe.

Spay Shower                                                         Included                                                                      included

Mud Guard                                                            Included                                                                      Included

Used Wm.                                                             900- 20 x 2                                                                  900 – 20


Tractors Water Bowser For Sale

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