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massey ferguson 375 

The Mai 375 2WD Tractor in Saudi Arabia is a Must-Have for Farmers

The Massey Ferguson Mai 375 2WD tractor in Saudi Arabia is a resourceful machine that has achieved massive acceptance across several areas of the globe. It closely aligns with the farmers’ needs and comes up as an all-rounder. The durable and tough construction style of Massey Ferguson tractors, helps them stand out among a plethora of vehicles made by other companies. This long-lasting vehicle comes with the finest engine model that operates at minimum noise. MF 375 tractor trolley is an affordable tool to offer vast features and populate the market. 

Agriculture and Tractor in Saudi Arabia: 

Saudi Arabia has achieved a good range of self-sufficiency in the production of agricultural products. These include fruits, vegetables, dates, and flowers. The country’s government is highly concerned with agriculture industry, which is obvious from the government’s subsidies on imports of raw materials and agricultural machinery. Though normally perceived as a desert, some lands favor farming due to rainfalls. However, if efforts are reinforced by the use of a new Massey tractor, the country can move further with agricultural sufficiency. 

 Why Massey Ferguson and not other firms? 

Talking about Massey Ferguson, the name depicts everything. This multinational company won the best tractor of the year award. Its unique, hard-wearing agricultural machinery, most popularly tractors, has worldwide recognition and acceptance. But if you are from Saudi Arabia, you might be looking for tractors for sale in Saudi Arabia.  The best result of this pursuit can be an MF 375 tractor. However, you can get a brand new tractor for sale anywhere in the world.

When we list the top tractor manufacturers, Massey Ferguson grabs the limelight in the top five. The company is fully trusted and tries to cover a vast range of compact new tractors for sale. It has launched different models with multiple series, each highlighting particular aspects and benefits. That is the reason their products are dealt with in so many countries. Now you may be wondering about the tractor price in Saudi Arabia. The MF 375 is a greatly economical pick compared to its rivals. 

 Product Description and Overview: 

Agriculture farms do not give rich outputs if they are not provided with the best input resources. One such resource is agricultural machinery employed in that field, which is a make-or-break deal. Rough tires and engines might harm your crops and farming land. Farmers barely face this issue with the Massey Ferguson Mai 375 2WD tractor, which is effective for your land and crops. The Massey Ferguson combines for sale, and farmers can easily get one without breaking their budget. 

Its Perkins diesel engine 4.248 has four cylinders inline direct injection, potentially generating 75 HP power. The fulfilling capacity of the fuel tank is 108.0 liters, while the engine sump accommodates 7.5 liters. Its hydraulic parking brake is hand-lever operated to facilitate better control. Moreover, these features come at a reasonable Mai 375 2WD tractor price, marking a loud statement. 

Some Key Specifications of Massey Ferguson 375 2WD Tractor: 

 Some mind-boggling specifications of new Massey Ferguson tractors for sale include; 

  • Toughest engine with the ability to minimize noise 
  • Highly ergonomic features that can be prioritized 
  • Highly nifty headlights and chic indicators 
  • An oil cooler to overcome the heat 
  • Valuable Spring Suspension Deluxe seat 
  • Aerodynamic look with unique wrappers 
  • Constant pumping enables smooth working 
  • Oil-immersed, multi-disc brake pedal 

Why Malik Agro Industries? And not any other brand? 

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