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Seed Drill

  • A seed drill in Somalia is one of the most effective pieces of farm machinery for evenly scattering crop seeds throughout the soil at a set average depth.
    • The seeds are drilled into the ground at the right depth and at equal intervals to ensure that they are covered in soil and protected from insects and birds
    • Farmers previously planted seeds by hand before the introduction of seed drills.
    • When seeds were distributed manually, they were frequently planted incorrectly, which resulted in a low rate of production.


Features Of A Seed Drill In Somalia

By metering or measuring the seeds and planting them in the soil at the right depth and distance, a seed drill is a gadget or agricultural tool that aids in sowing the seeds for a crop. It covers the seeds with soil to a specific average depth, coating them with muck to keep birds from devouring the seeds. Using a seed drill in Somalia to sow can improve crop output while reducing time and labour requirements.

A Part Of A Seed Drill In Somalia

The following parts make up a seed drill with a mechanical seed metering system:

(I) the frame;

(II) the seedbox;

(III) the seed metering mechanism;

(IV) the furrow openers;

(V) the covering device; and

(VI) the transport wheels.

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  1. Frame: The seed drill’s frame, which also includes a fitting cover, is often composed of angle iron. The structure is sturdy enough to support all kinds of loads that are present in a working environment.
  2. A seed box can be made from a sheet of mild steel or galvanised iron and covered appropriately. An infrequently inserted small agitator prevents seeds from clogging.
  3. Using a covering mechanism, a furrow can be filled in after the seed has been sown. The seeds are often covered with press wheels, patti, chains, drag, packers, rollers, or drags. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes.
  4. Transport wheel: There are two wheels on the main axle. On some seed drills, pneumatic wheels are furthermore available. The wheels have the add-ons required to transmit electricity to the mechanism that drops seeds. Reach out to us for small seed drill for sale and much more. Visit our website Malik Agro Industries for seed drill for small tractoras.

Why Fertiliser Drill Is Sometimes Referred To As A Seed Drill

  • Seed drills with fertiliser dropping attachments spread fertiliser evenly across the ground.
  • The item is referred to as a seed cum fertiliser drill. In such a drill, a sizable seed box is split lengthwise into two compartments, one for seed and the other for nutrition.
  • Two categories of seed drills exist: those pulled by bullocks and those pulled by tractors.

Benefits Of Seed Drilling

  • The pace of seeding declines.
  • Thinning and roughing of sick and weak plants is made easy by drilling. Wheel hoes, Japanese rice weeders, and other weeding equipment can be employed quickly and profitably.
  • seed drill used for earthing up, manuring, irrigation, spraying, and other intercultural operations.

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