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Hydraulic Farm Trailer

Tipping trailers for sale in uk

  • The highest quality materials are used to build the vehicles that are customised to each client’s unique specifications, ensuring a long operating life.
  • These all-purpose trucks are made for agricultural tractors.
  • The trailer may be used in both the agricultural and construction sectors, transporting both agricultural goods and building supplies like debris thanks to its wear-resistant steel body.
  • It is simpler to work in challenging terrain, such as fields or dirt roads, thanks to mechanical suspension.


Applications of tipping trailers for sale in uk described:

Whether it be for the transportation of heavy machinery, cattle, or automobiles, the trailer business mainly relies on hydraulic power. This is primarily due to hydraulic systems’ well-proven dependability, strength, ease of use, and user-friendliness.

Plant trailers are the primary choice for moving construction-grade equipment like diggers and other machinery since they can function in a variety of settings.

In comparison to other types of plant loaders, the tipping trailers for sale in uk mechanism enables a low approach angle for loading and has the advantage of being able to accommodate plant vehicles with low ground clearance.

All-purpose trailers with a single axis are frequently used for construction and agricultural machinery, and dual axle, auto tilt platform trailers are frequently used for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. There are specially designed tippers that can accommodate different platforms, such scissor lifts.

How tipping trailers for sale in uk works:

When the farm tipping trailer is in use, the tailboard usually lowers and latches into a horizontal plane when the trailer deck extends backwards. The body can then balance above the pivot point and be inclined to allow the machine to be moved onto the trailer. In order to carry additional objects, the body can be elevated by closing the pump valve; opening the valve again will lower the body. When unloading, the body is released, allowing the tailboard to lower and the machine to be loaded onto the ramp. The body then tilts using hydraulic damping, allowing the vehicle to be driven off again.

Available in various size and capacity. View for more specification and details.

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  • While selecting trolley following parameters are followed,
  • Capacity
  • Container Size in feet.
  • Floor sheet material.
  • Side Wall material.
  • Lower and upper Channel chassis frame size.
  • Tipping Device type determining its ram and mechanical linkage.
  • Tipping Angle in degrees.
  • Maximum Lift Time:
  • Length, Outer die and Wall Thickness for Axle Size.
  • Quantity and size of Rims.
  • Hydraulic Kit for Trolley including Spool Valve, Selector Valve, Hyd. Hoses with mentioned pressures in psi.
  • Coupler set for attachment of trolley

Role of agriculture farm trailer:

The role of the tractor can be fully utilised with this agricultural tipping trailer new with a single axle for small, medium, and big wheeled tractors dragging a trailer in townships, cities, and rural areas. With the features of a robust structure, beauty, safety, dependability, and durability, it can be used to transport different bulk goods in plains, mountains, marshes, knaps, rural areas, and highways. Are you searching for farm tipping trailer near me?Benefits of this agricultural tipping trailer

1) The 4-wheel trailer’s side boards can all be removed with ease.

2) Rear-dropping hydraulic tipping system.

3) We also offer double axle trailers for tractors with 20 to 150 horsepower.

4) The cargo box can be modified to meet your needs.

5) Solid structure

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