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Massey Ferguson 360 for sale

MF 360 for sale in Ghana

MF 360 for sale in Ghana – Massey Ferguson Ghana -Malik Agro industries

MF 360 for sale in Ghana are among the foremost reliable and economical tractors for farmers in Africa. Massey Ferguson 360 is one in all the foremost economical but still very useful and powerful tractors in Massey Ferguson tractors family. This 60Hp, 2WD tractor is offered purchasable at a reduced price. We’ve MF 260 tractors stock for Africa and therefore the Caribbean. We supply tractors in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, DRC, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Angola, Sudan, Nigeria, and Mozambique and also in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, We are one in all the leading tractors exporters Ghana to from Pakistan.

Heavy Duty Front Axle & Support.

Water Cooler Oil Cooler.

Longer Wheel Base Greater Pulling Power.

High Performance, Fuel Efficient, Diesel Turbocharged Engine.

Robust Straddle Rear Axle with Epicyclical Reduction Unit.

Efficient Oil-Immersed Multi-Disc brake.

Durable Crown Wheel & Pinion.

High PTO Power.


Massey Ferguson MF 360 could also be a multipurpose tractor with new features like water cooled oil cooler, mechanism and heavy duty front axle and support.

Some of the salient features of MF 360 Tractor are listed below:

Massey Ferguson MF 360 is fuel efficient and possesses high performance Diesel turbo charged Engine.

Massey Ferguson MF 360 has hydrostatic mechanism.

MF 360 has efficient oil-immersed multi hydraulic brakes system.

Massey Ferguson MF 360 has high PTO power for efficient operations.

Massey Ferguson MF 360 has longer wheel base.

MF 360 has greater pulling power.

Massey Ferguson MF 360 has heavy duty front axle and support.

MF 360 has water cooled oil cooler.

Massey Ferguson MF 360 has durable pinion.

MF 360 has Robust Straddle rear axle with epicycle reduction unit.

Why it is popular in Arab countries?

Most of farmers look for powerful machines it will be more appropriate if I would say latest powerful machines in order to bring more efficiency in their work or to minimize their workload. For such type of people there must be a wide range of parts and services available at their ease so that they don’t have to travel long distances to get their tractor fixed. As Massey Ferguson has given its service facilities on nearby stations, and contact numbers so, immediate help can be taken.

Those who have MF 360 tractor and they are fond of Mf 360 Tractor Parts Complete Range can have access to these parts very easily. As this model’s parts have led farmers to grab such a machine that could help them in the accomplishment of their work activities.

 Specification of MF-360




Engine Power at 2,250 rpm>60 (B.S) hp


Torque at 1,350 rpm212 Nm


PTO Power at Rated48 hp


Engine Speed


*Certified at BS AU 141a




Voltage12V, Negative Earth


Battery118 Ah


Starter2.2 kW


Alternator32 Amp




TypeSliding Spur


Number of Gears8 Forward, 2 Reverse


Road Speed at 2,250Engine RPM with 14.9/13×28 rear tyres


GearSpeed (km/hr)


Forward 1 (First Low)2.6


Forward 23.8


Forward 35.2


Forward 47.0


Forward 5 (First High)10.4


Forward 615.2


Forward 720.8


Forward 828.0


Reverse 1 (Low)3.5


Reverse 2 (High)14.1




FunctionsDraft Control, Position Control Response Control, Constant Pumping


Pump TypeReciprocating, Ferguson Pump


Oil Flow16.0 ltr/min


Pressure21 Mpa at normal operating temperature


Lift Capacity with Lower2,145 kg


Links Horizontal


Lower LinksWith Cat. I & II Interchangeable Balls


Rear Axle & Brakes


Axle TypeStraddle with apicyclic redution unit


Brake TypeOil immersed, Multi-disc


Brake PedalPendant


Differential LockMechanical


Brake ActuationMechanical


Parking BrakeHand Lever Operated




Front7.50 – 16 (6PR)


Rear14.9 / 13 – 28 (6PR)






Diameter305 x 254 mm


Front Axle


TypeBox Section, Adjustable






Track Adjustment


Front Axle1,275 -1, 884 mm


Rear Axle1,438 -2, 124 mm




Make / TypeDiesel /T 3.1524


No. of Cylinders3








Capacity (litres)2.5L


Compression Ratio16.5:1


Starting AidThermostart


Throttle ControlHand and Feet




Air Cleaner TypeOil Bath


Air Pre-CleanerOver Bonnet, Air Swirl


Fuel FilterDual, High Capacity


ExhaustVertical Muffler under bonnet


Oil CoolerWater Cooled



Brand New Massey Ferguson MF 290 Tractors for sale in Ghana

Malik agro industries deal used & new tractors in use and all over the worlds the farming field directs linked with human life from day one after the birth of this earth. Whether you are living in Pakistan or any other part of the world you will observe that farmers and the agronomist community are consecutively doing keen research and implementing the modern agriculture methods to grow profitable crops to contribute to country’s economy.

Ghana Tractors suppliers and dealers

Malik agro industries Pakistan is a Saudi Arabia tractors suppliers and dealers and Agricultural Farmer Tractors Implements is available for sale at a very low price at our latest stock available for Saudi Arabia, Ghana country and Africa We supply tractors for Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, South Sudan, UAE, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Botswana, and Namibia etc.

Massey Ferguson MF 290 Tractors supplier in Ghana

Malik agro industries is the top level Manufactures and suppliers of Massey Ferguson 290 Tractors Suppliers in Saudi Arabia Agricultural Farmer Tractors Implements and Agricultural Equipment’s and Material  handling Equipment’s  that prefect for basic needs of every farmers. These implements will provides the best performance in field of farming.

How to order Massey Ferguson 240 from Pakistan to Ghana

Kindly in touch with our sales team on social media channels such as Facebook, linked in, what Sapp number and write us an email one Email us and one of our sales representatives will provide you the complete assistance regarding Agriculture Tractors and Implement. All information available on our website home page.


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