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Tractor Trolly in Pakistan

Tractor Trolly in Pakistan & Constrution Equipment in Paksitan

Tractor Trolley in Pakistan

Tractor Trolley in Pakistan is usually used at brick kilns in Pakistan. Moreover tractor hydraulic trolley price and specifications in Pakistan are available. Transportation of bricks, sand, soil & other material is now easy with this kind of trailer. Tractor’s mechanism is employed to drive it. system of tractor hydraulic jack trolley exists near dashboard for easiness of driver.

As well as two major tractor companies Malik agro industries and AL-Ghazi tractors also are manufacturing hydraulic tipping trolleys. As Malik agro industries is already producing agricultural implements and commercial equipment in Pakistan. This also comes in their product range.



While selecting trolley following parameters are followed capacity

Container Size in feet.

Floor sheet material.

Side Wall material.

Lower and upper Channel chassis frame size.

Additionally Tipping Device type determining its ram and mechanical linkage.

Tipping Angle in degrees.

Maximum Lift Time:

Length, Outer Dia and Wall Thickness for Axle Size.

Quantity and size of Rims.

Hydraulic Kit For Trolley including Spool Valve, Selector Valve, Hyd. Hoses with mentioned pressures in psi.

Coupler set for attachment of trolley

When will you buy hydraulic tipping trolley you will get its descriptive details. Some companies are importing hydraulic jack trolley parts like hydraulic kit. These have higher prices than locally manufactured. Repair and maintenance of jack trolley is easy. Spare parts are also available in every city of Pakistan, so buy or book from your favourite company.

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