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Post Hole Digger

A hydraulic post hole digger in sudan is an equipment used for general ground preparation, such as planting saplings or installing fence and sign posts.

  • It actually consists of a vertical metal rod that rotates, cutting or scraping the dirt with one or more blades attached at the bottom end.
  • It is the quickest way to dig holes in agricultural land because it is a PTO-driven implement.
  • It has a maximum diameter of 6″, 9″, 12″, or 18″.
  • Strong conditions are handled by its unique steel cutting tip with semi-double flighting.
  • It has a PTO shaft and heavy-duty gearbox with a slip clutch for overload protection.
  • Shocker assembly for oscillating control.


Hydraulic post hole digger in sudan

It is best suited for planting trees. Additionally useful for drilling holes in farm hedges and electric poles. In just 30 seconds, it can create a hole that is 90 cm in diameter and even depth. It may be used as a miniature crane if the Augers are detached. As a result, the hydraulic post hole digger in sudan is a PTO-driven equipment that mechanically and economically digs holes in rows at identical intervals.

A tool; hydraulic post hole digger in sudan

A tool with two handles and clam-style blades might be used as a post hole digger. Regular people dig small holes to insert posts, such as those for fences and signs. Post hole diggers come in various designs. The blades are buried by jabbing a post hole pincer (shown in the illustration) into the bottom while it is still open.

Key features:

The hydraulic post hole digger is a PTO driven farm implement, making it the fastest technique for digging holes in agricultural land.

  • Due to the existence of a unique steel cutting tip with semi-double flighting, it can also tackle challenging situations. If you are looking for hydraulic post hole digger price and Road Sweeper then visit Malik Agro Industries.
  • A strong duty gear box and PTO shaft with a slip clutch are features of the Fieldking post hole digger that offer overload prevention.
  • Additionally, it incorporates a Shocker assembly for oscillating control.
  • The models of the hydraulic post hole digger for tractor are depending on the auger’s size, which ranges from 6″ to 18″.
  • It offers a 35″ working depth into the ground.
  • It has a P.T.O. clutch type.
  • The 43″ auger length of the Fieldking post hole digger.
  • Depending on the model, post hole diggers can weigh anywhere from 205 kg to 250 kg.
  • It can be run on a power tractor with a minimum of 35–40 HP.


Uses for a post hole digger include:

This type of tool is useful because it lessens the effort needed to dig a deep hole. For fences and home foundations, holes that are several feet wide and quite deep are frequently required. Certain forms of soil, such those with a clay content, are dense and tightly packed. When digging by hand, they typically require a lot of force to move the ground and make a hole. We have a hydraulic post hole digger for sale at Malik Agro Industries.

A used hydraulic post hole digger is primarily used to create holes for a variety of outdoor objects, such as:

  • fencing posts
  • posted signs
  • post-solar panel
  • bushes, flowers, and plants
  • Outdoor clothing racks

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