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NH 480 2wd Tractor

New Holland 55 HP NH-480 for sale in Kenya

New Holland NH 480 55HP Tractors For Sale In Kenya |nh Tractors For Sale In Kenya-price Specification And Booking

Malik agro-industries offering New Holland NH 480 55HP Tractors for sale in Kenya at a low price. Malik agro industries has added value additions to reinforce the tractor’s performance. The corporate leads the market during this Horse Power segment which in 55HP. Price, Specifications, Review and technical brochure/leaflet of Fiat 480 2020 model is shared below.

In Kenya the Fiat tractor is preferred for agricultural uses and if we speak about Wheat season for threshing the NH480 the king of PTO power. Fiat tractor doesn’t get warm or heat even in temperature above 45 Degree Celsius. Its competitor in Massey 240 which isn’t considered ideal for agriculture use except for haulage purpose. The fuel consumption of NH fiat 480 SP 2WD tractor is a smaller amount than MF240 this tractor is good for implements like rotator and cultivator, mold board plough etc.


Specification of New Holland 55 HP NH-480 

At flywheel 55 HP/DIN
Fiat 8035.06
4 – Stroke, 3 Cylinders
Direct Injection Diesel,
Max. Power: 2500 rpm 55HP/DIN (41.0 kw)
Max. Torque: 1500 rpm 185NM (18.88 Kgm)
Dry Type Cylinder Liner
Water Cooling
Bore & Stroke: 100 x 115 mm.
Piston Displacement: 2,710 cc.
Compression Ratio: 17:1
Three row brass tube and copper fin radiator
Force-feed lubrication system
Distributor-type injection pump with mechanical speed governor
Four-Bearing Crankshaft
12 Volt Starting System; 4 hp Motor
400 Watt Alternator
90/95 Ah Battery located in front of radiator
Gearbox Mounted Starter Safety Switch
Vertical Exhaust Muffler
1,710 Kg with 6.00-16 and 12.4/11-28 Tyres, hydraulic lift with three-point linkage cat. 1-2, square type fender with flat top.
Gearbox with Constant-Mesh Gears
Gears: 8 Forward 2 Reverse Speeds
Synchromesh: 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th Speeds
Differential with Pedal Actuated Lock  and Automatic Disconnection.
Single-Reduction Spur Gear Final Drives.
With Tyres 12.4/11-28
Engine speed (rpm) 2160 2500
PTO Speed (rpm) 540 625
First 1.87 2.17
Second 2.82 3.26
Third 4.13 4.78
Fourth 5.33 6.17
Fifth 6.75 7.81
Sixth 10.15 11.75
Seventh 14.86 17.20
Eight 19.20 22.22


New Holland Tractors For Sale In Kenya

Malik agro- industries have a lot of stock of new Holland tractors for Kenya like, New Holland 55 hp NH-480,NH 65 HP ,NH 75 HP 640-S,NH 85 HP 2w 70-56 Dabung, NH 85,HP 4w NH 70-56FIAT 480 tractors is accessible in Kenya for purchasing you’ll be able to contact company dealership. Delivery is formed within fortnight from the factory. Malik agro industries gives warranty claim for spare parts except rubber, electronic components and fuel injection system Pump FIP. Sale purchase is additionally made through private show rooms throughout the country. This model is additionally available for export in in foreign countries.

New Holland Tractors Exporter From Pakistan To Kenya

Malik Agro Industries Pakistan is the top level New Holland Tractors exporter in Pakistan. We have in-line problem solution system to suits your timely problem rectification with in 24hrs, and right after, the Parts needed to be shipped timely. We authorized dealers of NHTractors. Infect, we have a huge and large stocks available of Quality MF Tractors all the time for ready shipments as comparable with other suppliers.



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