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massey ferguson 385 price in Nigeria

Overview and Prices of Massey Ferguson 385 2WD Tractor in Nigeria

Massey Ferguson 385 is a resource vehicle that has earned a global reputation due to its performance. The tractor is robust and its engine generates superb power of 70 hp. It comes in two variants, 2WD and 4WD. Here we will discuss the features and specifications of the Massey Ferguson 385 2WD tractor, and its prices and delivery in Nigeria. If you are wondering about Massey Ferguson 375 prices in Nigeria, it can literally amaze you. Malik Agro Industries offers reasonable cost dependability.


Massey Ferguson 385 2wd Specifications and Prominent Features

At the blazing speed of 2200 rpm, you get 70 hp PTO power and 85 hp engine power. It has an unbeatable capacity to reduce smoke and gas emissions. Hence it lets you enjoy a weather-friendly and hassle-free experience on the farm. It has an oil-based effective cooling system, a brake configuration that is multi-disc and oil-immersed, and hydrostatic power steering. To book your low-noise and high-performance power engine, visit Malik Agro Industries now. You also get smooth and easy access to the service and maintenance points. To facilitate the operator, a spring suspension deluxe seat is also provided.

Massey Ferguson 385

Why Massey Ferguson 385 2WD should be your first priority?

Massey Ferguson is a well-known name in the field of agricultural implements. It has a long history of resolving farmers’ issues and providing them with innovative farm solutions. Most particularly its farming tractors are peculiar in the sense they have sturdy builds, excellent performance, and durability. Purchase one of our tractors and it will be your partner for your entire life. Beyond the features that account for performance, it is provided with add-on that address self-management. Massey furnishes its vehicles with response and position control options, dust management, oil and airflow, and much more.


All these systems work in collaboration to optimize overall functionality and make the vehicle survive longer than usual. Whether you are a newbie in the agriculture field or a professional farmer who deals with all-day rigorous activities, Massey’s tractors suit all needs. They handle all farming operations with maximum ease and comfort. One of the notable Massey productions is MF 385traktoren, which offers excellent performance in adverse conditions. Its robust build, aesthetic appeal, and reasonable price would not let you overlook the vehicle. To place an order, visit Malik Agro Industries’ official website. We have amazing deals to offer you.


Agriculture in Nigeria: Why this sector is struggling with massive challenges? What are the solutions?

Nigeria is a country well-versed in arable land, yet the country is unable to utilize it fully. Hence, it keeps on struggling while meeting local needs and exporting to international markets. Agriculture is a sector that can not be overlooked for a while. It fulfills one of the most basic and instant needs of human beings which is food. A country must produce enough foods that can address its local needs in a surplus way. They must also produce a surplus to export to international markets and foreign exchange. This uplifts a state’s economy and helps it get a flourishing status.


In Nigeria, agricultural challenges make it difficult for the state to meet local needs. Several factors seem to contribute to this chaos. Some of these are;

Poor implementation of governmental policies

Lack of farm mechanization and use of innovative technology

Low literacy rate in Nigeria

Agriculture being overlooked and undermined by Nigerian citizens

Lack of financial support to Nigerian farmers

Lack of social amenities and poor infrastructure

Absence of modern means of processing and storing

Loss of massive land to devastating natural disasters


These factors combine to hinder the production and yield of Nigerian agriculture, thus furthering the challenges the state faces overall. Adopting wise means can avert 50% of the problems. Mechanization of the sector can prove fruitful in the sense that it saves time, human labor, and other expensive resources. One such machine we would like to highlight is Massey Ferguson 385 tractor. This vehicle is durable, long-lasting, and delivers matchless performance. If you are looking for Massey Ferguson 385 for sale in Nigeria, look no further. Malik Agro Industries has brilliant deals for you.


Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

A brand earns name and trust by serving customers for ages. In order to keep itself innovative and productive, each company needs to bring something exciting. Malik Agro Industries knows perfectly what its customer needs and what its competitors lack. It keeps itself abreast of the latest trends in the agricultural market and finds out the potential gap. This gap is then fulfilled by innovative manufacturers and set to sell at economical prices.

Simply put, your quest for affordable and problem-solving gadgets ends when you get to know Malik Agro Industries. It has earned specialization in manufacturing every type of agricultural machine. Contact us now for your first purchase. All the relevant information is available on our company’s website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin. Join us anywhere and relish the new experience with our innovative machines.

tracteur massey ferguson

Malik Agro Industries is a well-reputed name in the Agricultural Sector

Our company Malik Agro Industries was founded in an effort to attain agricultural entrepreneurship. We wanted to make agriculture and modern mechanization more accessible to farmers. As there were many parts of the field management process that needed to be improved. Digital mechanization of the farming field was the sole direction to fasten the field, save efforts, and make the process productive and cost-friendly. One Of our vehicles Massey Ferguson 240 specs has earned a global reputation for being sturdy, innovative, and pocket-friendly.


Hence, after comprehensive market research and major developments, we decided to ease farmers in a smart way. Employing modern technology and mechanization of the sector are crucial factors, that we aim to employ. Using our agricultural vehicles farmers can reduce labor costs by 60%, pesticides use by 50%, and enhance their farm productivity even greater than these values. Are not these values satisfactory? Most particularly for countries struggling with agricultural production and yield. The way global fluctuations in weather and economy have made people suffer all across the globe, our machines are life saviors for staggering agricultural sectors.



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