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massey ferguson 385 4wd

Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractor | Malik Agro Industries

Massey Ferguson 385 is the new thrill in the agriculture market. Farmers love this machine for being so resourceful. Malik Agro Industries manufactures and supplies this vehicle in the 2WD and 4WD categories. In this discussion, we will highlight the aspects and prominent features of only the 4WD model. Massey Ferguson 4WD tractor is the most rugged and heavy-duty vehicle suitable for all sorts of farming activities.


Specifications and Prominent Features of Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractor | Massey Ferguson Tractor Price in Ghana

At 2200 rpm, this model, Massey Ferguson 385 4 x 4 delivers maximum power of up to 85 hp. This is one of the best offerings among all Massey models. At 1600 rpm, it generates maximum torque of 291 mm. At 2200 rpm, it passes on 70 hp of maximum PTO power. With a compression ratio of 15.3:1, you get 4 cylinders with Perkins technology. All are diesel-type with bore diameters up to 101 mm and stroke diameters up to 127 mm.

mf 385 4wd

The list of Massey Ferguson’s specifications is not exhaustive by any means. It is more profound than one can ever imagine. Massey Ferguson Ghana provides a smooth sliding spur with 10 gears, out of which 8 are directed forwarded and 2 are directed reverse. Visit our official website and browse through all Massey Ferguson models, and pick the one which suits your needs the most.


Agriculture Sector in Ghana

It is unfortunate to say that Ghana imported food commodities in 2021 that reaches up to 1.9 billion dollars. This is due to the reason that its agriculture sector is unable to meet the country’s needs. However, the sector does not lack resources and can be the best prospect for its economy. Ghana’s strategic location lets the country relish huge benefits. It basically serves as a gateway to Africa, and for the past several years it has been the major transshipment point for beverages and food commodities.


The exports the country gets from the US can be further re-exported to African markets. Meanwhile, the government also needs to make wise policies that help farmers in their roles and responsibilities. If you are looking for a Massey Ferguson tractor price list, visit the official website of Malik Agro Industries. No matter where you live in Ghana, we have amazing deals to offer you. We will also deliver the machine to your doorstep.


Challenges to Ghana’s Agriculture

The major problems Ghana’s agriculture system is struggling with involve;

Weather conditions such as droughts

Low productivity

Lack of infrastructure

Climate conditions

Poor implementation of governmental policies

Poor mechanization of the sector

How to overcome these challenges?

The country can make strategic policies and implement them throughout the state. It can also provide loans to farmers to improve their farming processes. One such mindful action is the rapid mechanization of the sector with innovative technology. In this regard, Massey Ferguson’s vehicles, tractors, and farm implements can do wonders. One such prominent machine is Massey Ferguson 385 2WD tractor. It is a durable, resourceful, and versatile vehicle loved by farmers. To place one such tractor, visit Malik Agro Industries now.

Why Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractor is a worthy tool to consider in agriculture? Is it really the need of the hour?

As we know, for ages, farmers have been cultivating and harvesting crops manually. It required massive effort and a prolonged time period. Hence, it was compulsory to have a somewhat labor force that can help them in managing workload. But it was costly for small-scale farmers, thus they tend to manage by themselves. Credit to the advances in technology, all issues are resolved now.

massey ferguson tractor prices in ghana

Farmers have easy access to innovative technology that lets them avert the need of having a huge labor force. Now, they can perform hectic roles in a few hours using a tractor. This vehicle is really the need of the hour, as farmers have to cope with the emerging needs of the people as well as the state. Are you looking for a Massey Ferguson tractor 385 4WD for sale in Ghana? Visit Malik Agro Industries now to avail yourself of the best deal.


Their production should be high enough to meet local needs. Meanwhile, every state seeks plenty of yields that is surplus from the local needs and can be exported to other countries to earn foreign exchange. In this discussion, we have highlighted Massey Ferguson 385 4WD specifications that will help you analyze the vehicle and make a buying decision.

Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

Finding tractors, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your farming field? Do not feel confused by multiple brands offering agricultural vehicles. Contact now Malik Agro Industries for a rich catalog. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery.


Massey Ferguson 385 4WD Tractor offered by Malik Agro Industries are cost-effective, easily operational, and assure top-class reliability. Our main office is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our company provides products throughout the globe. However, our export focus mainly revolves around Yemen, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Panama.

Our developers assure top-class instrumentation with minimum bearable maintenance costs.  Its innovative agricultural implements and machinery help farmers relieve loads of time and effort and speed up growth opportunities. Our machinery can be regarded as a new channel of financial fulfillment for farmers. Countries tend to include agricultural policies to assist farmers in expanding their farming potential. That is possible only with the resourceful and sturdy machine by Malik Agro Industries, which delivers massive benefits.

Our Vision in Agriculture Sector

We aim to facilitate farmers all across the globe with the best farm machinery ever. After realizing the potential gaps in this sector, dire and urgent needs, and farmers’ desires, our experts have brought equipment that gives unparalleled performance. No matter how adverse conditions you deal with, our vehicles would not disappoint you. In fact, one such vehicle can be your lifelong farming partner, saving you time, labor force, and resources. Contact our online team now to resolve any sort of queries. If you need more information about our products, prices, and implements, you can visit our website.

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