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mai 375 2wd tractor price

Mai 375 2WD Tractor - Features, Specifications, Price in Zambia

Mai 375 2WD tractor is an excellent farming vehicle available to purchase at Malik Agro Industries. It operates well in adverse conditions and hard soils. It has become the number one choice of farmers to tackle rough and tedious farming duties. With Mai 375 2WD tractor, you get amazing traction power and 75 Hp engine power. For more such vehicles, explore the official website of Malik Agro Industries.


Specifications of Mai 375 2WD Tractor | Prominent Features | Tractor Price in Zambia

Mai 375 2WD tractor generates 75 Hp engine power at around 2200 rpm. At 1400 rpm, it delivers fair torque that gives reading up to 290 Nm. Additionally, PTO power is rated at 63.5 hp. Mai 375 engine comes equipped with the latest Perkins model, direct injection type, and is linked with 4 cylinders. The bore and stroke diameters give readings up to 101 mm and 127 mm. The tractor trolley labeled MAI 375 2WD is resourceful in every aspect. It would not disappoint you in any sort of soil you want to work with.

mai 375 2wd tractor

It has a fair compression ratio ranging up to 16:1, with natural aspiration, and a 4.07-liter capacity.  For starting aid, the vehicle is provided with an effective thermostat and hand and foot thermal control. A brilliant cooling system is also extended across the machine that comprises water cooling, oil bath air cleaner type, and centrifugal over-bonnet air pre-cleaner. Filters and exhaust are also fitted and include a dual high-capacity fuel filter and muffler under the bonnet vertical exhaust.


In an MAI 375 2WD tractor, you get a heavy-duty engine that would not lose in confronting tough games. It operates on 12V negative earth voltage with a 110 Ah battery and 2.8 KW starter motor. A comprehensive list of lights and safety start indications is also fitted to its body. These can be headlights, side lights, direction indicators, brake lights, PTO horns, and rear work lamp transmission. If you are looking for MAI 375 tractors for sale in Zambia, our online team is ready to assist you in every possible way.


Agriculture Sector in Zambia and its Emerging Needs

The agriculture sector in Zambia comprises crops, fisheries, and livestock. The sector earns a fair sum of GDP to the state every year. People belonging to rural areas have agriculture as the sole means of earning a livelihood. Here farmers can be classified into three categories. If you are looking for Massey Ferguson combines for sale, we can help.


Small-scale farmers: A vast majority belong to this sector counting up to approximately 90 percent. They are substantiate producers of staple food and rarely have surplus amounts that are marketable. They tend to fulfill just local needs as their yield is only that much sufficient. A good means of enhancing their farm productivity is the employment of modern farming vehicles. A tractor trolley can save small-scale farmers loads of time.


Medium-scale farmers: Medium-scale farmers also comprise a significant proportion. They produce maize and some cash crops to transport to the market. That means, their yields are higher than local needs which helps them earn foreign exchange. Mid-scale farmers can also enhance their yield to greater amounts using farming vehicles. It will help them earn a good share of the international market.


Large-scale farmers: Large-scale farmers produce surplus amounts to address both local demands and international market needs. They have extensive farming fields that are fully equipped with the latest technology that enables massive growth. If you are looking for new Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, reach out to Malik Agro Industries and place an order.

tractor price in Zambia

Opportunities in Zambia’s agriculture system

Agriculture in Zambia is overwhelmingly dependent on rain fed and is mostly non-mechanized. Traditional and classic approaches to agriculture account for their low growth. Hence, there are countless opportunities for foreign investors and dealers to invest in several areas. Keen areas of attention include farm inputs, equipment supply, irrigation systems, agro-processing, and commodity trading. There is also a dire need to expand farming to a large scale, as small-scale fields are not productive enough to meet the demands of farmers and people. If you are looking for Massey Ferguson tractors in Zambia, sit back and relax. We have got your quests at Malik Agro Industries.


Why Malik Agro Industries is the #1 choice of farmers in terms of agricultural and farm machinery?

Are you looking for tractors, harvesters, lawn movers, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your field? Do not feel dazzled by several companies offering agricultural and farming machines. Contact now Malik Agro Industries to see their rich portfolio of farming implements. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery. The machines offered by Malik Agro Industries are cost-effective, easily operational, and assure top-class reliability. Our main office is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our company provides products throughout the globe. However, our export focus mainly revolves around Yemen, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Panama.


Our farm implements are a resourceful and promising way to get financial freedom and more opportunities in the agricultural growth of a country. It is not only beneficial to farmers but also to nations overall. These vehicles will save you loads of time in daily hectic farming activities and enhance overall yield. You can rely on our ambitious vehicles ready to elevate your farming experience. Get to know us more by visiting our official website, and talking to our online team. We are available 24/7 to resolve customer queries.


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No matter where you live in the globe, our agricultural and farm implements are just one step away. First, browse our official website to see our comprehensive portfolio, then get in touch with our online team, available 24/7 to serve you. Tell us about your queries, or the vehicle you want to purchase. We demand reasonable prices for the vehicle you have been so longing for. Here you place an order, and our talented team brings your dream machine to your doorstep. Feel free to contact us and relish your advent of a new farming experience.



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