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New Holland 7056 2WD Tractor | Specifications and Prices in Zimbabwe.

New Holland 7056 2WD tractor is a thrilling farm machinery that finds no comparison in build and performance. It is extremely durable and lets farmers perform rigorous tasks efficiently. Malik Agro Industries manufactures this versatile New Holland 7056 2WD and supplied it to farmers all across the globe. We do so in a very dependable manner demanding a reasonable price. Our customers mean the world to us, and that is the reason our experts consider their needs in every manufacturing aspect.


New Holland 7056 Specifications and Delivery in Zimbabwe

NH 7056 tractor delivers 55 hp engine power at the flywheel. The engine comes with 4 cylinders linked with 4 strokes and 3 cylinders. At 2500 rpm, the engine produces a maximum power of 55 hp, whereas, at 1500 rpm, it produces maximum torque of 185 Nm. Diameters of bore and stroke read up to 100 x 115 mm. If you are looking for New Holland tractors for sale near me, Malik Agro Industries can be the best go-to option.


Tractor Prices in Zimbabwe

Tractor prices in Zimbabwe are not very high. All the amazing specifications being discussed here are available on a pocket-friendly budget. 17:1 is the compression ratio you get to relish with this vehicle, where its piston is displaced at 2710 cc. There is the provision for force-feed lubrication system and a three-row brass tube and fin radiator. Looking for tractors for sale in Zimbabwe prices? Look no further than the compelling products of Malik Agro Industries.



tractors for sale in Zimbabwe



Prominent Features of NH 7056 2WD Tractor

Its engine comes with a cold thermostat starting aid. A radiator screen is also provided. For a total of 3 reverse and 12 forward speeds, an additional creeper speed reduction unit is placed, that provides a sliding transmission to the vehicle. Its steering comes with hydrostatic power with the provision of an independent circuit. Finding New Holland tractors for sale near me? Reach out to our online team to get assistance.


We are the best tractor provider in Zimbabwe, and you can rely on our machines and prices. In New Holland for sale, we offer

  • Gearbox with constant gear -mesh
  • 8 forward and 2 reverse gears
  • Single-reduction spur gear final drives
  • Auxiliary control valve ( right hand)
  • Pedal actuated lock
  • Steering comes with parallelogram suspension in a fully upholstered position
  • Gearbox-mounted starter safety switch
  • 95 Ah battery minted in front of the radiator
  • Three-row brass tube and amazing copper fin radiators


This listing will never prove exhaustive, as the vehicle comes with several standard fittings and optional equipment. To get to know more about the cost of tractors in Zimbabwe, you must visit the official website of Malik Agro Industries. Check out our comprehensive portfolio of farm machinery and do let us know which one best addresses your needs.


The agriculture sector in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, agriculture is the main source of income for both urban and rural areas. However, in rural areas, a greater proportion of people is solely dependent on this field. They also need support from the government or foreign investors to get a fulfilling yield. 2015 estimates suggest that agriculture accounted for 18 percent of the country’s GDP. If you are looking for tractors for sale in Zimbabwe, Malik Agro Industries can help.


Leading crops of Zimbabwe

The sector has enabled farmers to grow demanding crops that can provide them with the good exchange. These include sorghum, maize, rapoko, groundnuts, beans, and ground nuts.in 2018, Zimbabwe was the sixth larger producer of tobacco in the world. The country also produces sufficient cotton and wool. Though the country has smaller agricultural land, compared to other states, particularly in Africa, history reveals the country has been getting fulfilling yields from its crops. Finding New Holland tractor package deals near me? We can help in this regard.


Opportunities in Zimbabwean Agriculture Sector

Zimbabwe needs modern agricultural vehicles and farming machines. To fulfill this need government needs to take meaningful steps and implement them throughout the state. If not, foreign investors and sellers have a good opportunity to grab. Farm machinery dealers can sell their innovative machinery to Zimbabwean farmers and earn good revenue. The New Holland tractor package can be an effective solution to overcome agricultural challenges.


In return, it will equip the people with useful and time-saving tools to ease out their routine activities. Foreign investment in line with government goals to provide food processing equipment will increase value addition in several ways. There is also a need to prioritize manufacturing fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. To get more information about New Holland tractor package deals, visit Malik Agro Industries.


tractors for sale in Zimbabwe prices



Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

Are you looking for tractors, harvesters, lawn movers, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your agriculture farm? Do not feel dazzled by several companies offering agricultural and farming machines. Contact now Malik Agro Industries to see their rich portfolio of farming implements. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery.


The Vision of Malik Agro Industry is to Mechanize the Agriculture sector with the Best and most Reasonable Farming Vehicle.


Malik Agro Industry has stepped into the agriculture industry with the vision to modernize it. Thus, it provides cost-effective vehicles to farmers all across the globe. We realize farmers’ needs and tend to provide them with phenomenal solutions. With our agricultural implements, top-class durability is assured. You get easily operational vehicles that are versatile in every role. Our main office is based in Lahore, Pakistan, however, our customer outreach is located all across the globe. We manufacture, supply, and deliver our innovative farm vehicles to customers’ doorstep, bringing maximum ease and credibility.


We count our agricultural machinery as a promising way to achieve financial freedom. Countries struggling to expand agricultural land, relieve loads of time in day-to-day activities and get more productive yield can rely on our vehicles. We are committed to enlightening this sector with new achievements. Therefore, our products are available all across the globe at the most economical prices. Visit Malik Agro Industries’ official website, and order your dream vehicle now. For more information about our agricultural implements, talk to our online team.

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