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Massey Ferguson 360 | Agricultural Tractor in Botswana

Massey Ferguson 360 is a brilliant agricultural vehicle offered by Malik Agro Industries all across the world. The machine is resourceful, easy to operate in all types of soils, and comes in a sturdy build. Its engine delivers 50 horsepower at 2250 rpm which keeps it going through all situations. In this discussion, we will explain in detail the features and specifications of Massey Ferguson 360. So if you are looking to purchase this machine, this meaningful information will be enough to shape your buying decision.


Massey Ferguson 360 Price, Specifications, and Prominent Features that Make Farming Easy and Efficient

Massey Ferguson 360 for sale in Botswana offers a Perkins-type engine able to deliver 50 hp at 2250 rpm. At 1400 rpm, it generates a torque of 172 Nm PTO power. The engine speed you get to pass harsh situations is 44hp. MF 360 engine is diesel type with 3 direct injection cylinders.

Its bore diameter is 91.4 mm and its stroke diameter is 127.0 mm. If you have a restricted budget, looking for a Massey Ferguson 360 for sale is not a bad idea. But make sure you are reaching out to a trustworthy brand that makes your mind satisfied after the purchase.


MF 360 Engine and Take-Off Power

The engine’s capacity to accommodate oil is 2.5 liters. All these specifications and values you will also get in tractors of other series. However, prices duly vary and it depends upon the buyer which model he wants for his field. If you are on the lookout for Massey Ferguson 360 for sale, reach out to Malik Agro Industries for good prices. No matter where you live in Botswana, we will deliver your dream agriculture vehicle to your doorstep. In this regard, MF 360 can be phenomenal.


massey ferguson 360 for sale


What if you get natural aspiration with thermostat aid control to better utilize the machine and self-optimize it to the maximum extent? Well, you get all this and much more in MF 360. You get a compression ratio of 16.5:1. Some other advantages for controlling and optimization are hand and foot throttle control, water cooling, oil bath air cleaner type, and over bonnet air pre-cleaner. Dual high-capacity exhaust with vertical muffler under bonnet and swirl fuel filter is also provided.


Why MF 360? A tractor must be your long-lasting vehicle.

With these features, the machine is capable of self-managing from time to time. It does not let dust and dirt accumulate inside and also maintains smooth and sufficient airflow. The device you purchase must be capable of sustaining itself throughout the journey. A tractor is a vehicle that has to perform in dust all day. The entire life of a tractor involves dealing with the tough and harsh ground. Hence, it must be sturdy and equipped with comprehensive features that do not let it wear down easily.


Tractor Price in Botswana

Botswana is a country with massive potential for agriculture. Meanwhile, if the country is mechanized with modern farm machinery, its productivity can multiply manifold. There needs to be sufficient investment by foreign investors and also by the state government. Tractor prices in Botswana vary. We, as a worldwide supplier of agricultural machinery and implements, try our best to make sure, these machines reach all those who direly need them.


That is the reason, we have kept our prices economical and supply them all across the globe. People from all countries and areas can reach out to us for their farming needs. We deal with tractors, harvesters, and spare parts. Simply put, we have economical solutions for your all problems related to farming and agriculture. Do let our online team know about your concerns and needs, and they will guide you till you are satisfied.


Agriculture in Botswana

45.63 % of the total state area is reserved for agricultural purposes. But it is unfortunate to know that the sector contributes only to 2% of the total GDP. Still, a major proportion of its population is associated with this field for their livelihood. The government is also trying means of expanding agricultural production and sustaining a continuous food supply chain that meets local needs and also earns foreign exchange. In this regard, several policies have also been made that tend to address the mechanization of this sector.


The government of Botswana is trying to attract private sector investment that can help in establishing tanneries, commercial farms, and a poultry hatchery. It is also seeking to equip small-scale farmers with modern farming vehicles that accelerate their farm production and help them earn a good exchange. There are plenty of dealers in agricultural vehicles. Farmers need to rely on the reputed ones.


Malik Agro Industries has earned respect and popularity after serving the farmers for years. Farmers tend to rely on their products and spare parts. We are a global dealer, so reach out to us no matter where you live. We are ready to address your queries and provide the best possible deal. If you are looking for a tractor supply company near me, we can be an ideal option to consider.


price of tractor in Botswana


Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

Our company Malik Agro Industries was founded in an effort to attain agricultural entrepreneurship. We wanted to make agriculture and modern mechanization more accessible to farmers. As there were many parts of the field management process that needed to be improved. Digital mechanization of the farming field was the sole direction to fasten the field, save efforts, and make the process productive and cost-friendly. One Of our vehicles Massey Ferguson 240 specs has earned a global reputation for being sturdy, innovative, and pocket-friendly.


So after much research and development, we emerged with ultimate solutions varying in price and structure, so that everyone can afford them. We created a patented system that reduces labor costs by as much as 60%, reduces pesticide use by 50%, and enhances crop yield by 50%. These statistics are satisfactory when we look at the present agricultural index of countries. How fluctuating global weather and economic situations hit the agriculture sector and how our farming implements have helped them overcome these hurdles is appreciable. Are you on the lookout for a Massey Ferguson tractor for sale in Botswana? We can help.

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