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New Holland 640 75HP | Specifications and Price in Tanzania

New Holland 640 75HP is a sturdy, durable, and high-performance vehicle manufactured and supplied by Malik Agro Industries. We offer the best deals on farm and agricultural implements worldwide. Our customer outreach is extensive, people all across the globe prefer our vehicles to modernize their farming processes. If you want to purchase on New Holland 640 75HP tractor, look no other than Malik Agro Industries.


New Holland 640 75HP | Overview, Specifications and Price in Tanzania

You do not need to worry about the tractor price in Tanzania. With Malik Agro Industries, your dram to fasten your agriculture journey is easy to achieve. We offer New Holland 75 hp tractor with a fully holstered, adjustable, parallelogram suspension seat. Its direct injection diesel type engine comes with 4 strokes and 4 cylinders. Bore and stroke diameters range up to 104 x 115 mm, with a brilliant compression ratio of 17:1. If you want to buy one such vehicle, check out 75hp tractors for sale in Tanzania.


New Holland 640 provides maximum power at 2600 rpm reads up to 75 hp, and maximum torque at 1600 rpm reads up to 29.70 kgm. Its dry-type cylinder liners, water cooling system, five-bearing crankshaft, 4-row fin radiator and steel tube equipped with force-feed lubricated system are additional ties to smoothen the performance. The machine carries a sufficient weight that accounts for its stability and smooth operations while lifting heavy weights. 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears allow speed and position control to various extents and help the vehicle to get a sliding spur.



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Agriculture system of Tanzania

2018 statistics indicate that agriculture is the major contributor to Tanzania’s GDP, counting up to 28.2 percent. In 2014, it accounted for 25.8 percent of the GDP worth USD 10.3 billion dollars. Almost 45 percent of the country’s land is reserved for agricultural purposes which is 44 million ha. Getting good yields from such a vast area can be accelerated using modern vehicles and machines. If you are on the lookout for tractors for sale in Tanzania, Malik Agro Industries can help.


Crops in Tanzania

The past five years have seen a decline in the agricultural production of Tanzania, accounting for up to 5 percent. These include two types of crops, food crops, and cash crops. The annual production of both crops varies and thus earns different incomes.


Food Crops in Tanzania: The major food crop in Tanzania is maize, whose amount reaches up to 62 percent of the total crops. Others are rice ( 26.2 percent ), pulses ( 15.1 percent ), and wheat ( 0.7 percent ). Some other crops in small amounts are bananas, potatoes, sugar cane, beans, and sorghum.


Cash Crops in Tanzania: Cash crops in Tanzania include coffee, cashew nuts, candy, tea, sisal, and tobacco. The yield of these crops increases by 2 percent in the past five years. Farmers choose these crops considering different factors that he thinks can earn hin a good amount. Some of these factors are;

Water availability and soil quality

Seed prices and demand in the market

Personal preferences of the farmer

Crop profile that includes pest resistance and the yield of crops

Availability of resources that include fertilizers, machinery, and tools


Role of Tractors in the Agriculture System of Tanzania

We have comprehensively discussed Tanzania’s agriculture sector and highlighted farmers’ preference for crops based on farm machinery. The availability of modern vehicles and tools can prove fruitful to the farmers and help them get the best yield. Therefore, it becomes necessary to invest in a tractor that simplifies the human role in the field. In this regard, New Holland 75 hp tractor can be the most dependable deal for farmers.


The ultimate utilization of the tractor is hidden in its strength and durability. These features are of premium significance to the farmers. Utilizing it farmers can perform tough and tedious farming tasks with maximum comfort and ease. Manual procedures used for ages were so laborious and required farmers to dedicate their lives to the field. Traditional methods were also less rewarding in exchange for the time and effort farmers put in.


Mechanization of the agriculture system has made the sector more demanding and less challenging. Farmers use a tractor to facilitate several farming operations. If you are on the lookout for tractors for sale in Tanzania, Malik Agro Industries is here to help you. It is a matchless New Holland tractors dealer near me. We bring the best farming solutions in the most dependable manner.



New Holland 640 75HP



Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

Are you looking for tractors, harvesters, lawn movers, spare parts, and agricultural implements for your agriculture farm? Do not feel dazzled by several companies offering agricultural and farming machines. Contact now Malik Agro Industries to see their rich portfolio of farming implements. We are a trusted name in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of farm machinery. The machines offered by Malik Agro Industries are cost-effective, easily operational, and assure top-class reliability. Our main office is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Our company provides products throughout the globe. However, our export focus mainly revolves around Yemen, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Panama.


We count our agricultural machinery as a promising way to achieve financial freedom. Countries struggling to expand agricultural land, relieve loads of time in day-to-day activities, and get more productive yield can rely on our vehicles. We are committed to enlightening this sector with new achievements. Therefore, our products are available all across the globe at the most economical prices. Visit Malik Agro Industries’ official website, and order your dream vehicle now.


How do We Envision the Agriculture Sector Worldwide with our Innovative farming solutions?

Our ambition behind the tremendous range of modern agricultural implements is to modernize the sector worldwide. We also aim to provide effective and time-saving tools to farmers. These will minimize the hard work required and expand the yield they get per acre. It will not only benefit farmers by increasing their income, but also benefit governments by bringing a lot of exchanges. If you have any further queries or want to know more about farming machinery, contact our online team.

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