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Massey Ferguson 290 2WD : Overview, Specification And Price

Massey Ferguson 290 2WD tractor is a high-end vehicle manufactured by Malik Agro Industries. The machine is doing rounds among farmers all across the world for its robust structure, sturdy build, heavy-duty engine, and noise reduction. The vehicle is matchless in terms of performance in tough and arduous conditions. If you are interested in buying Massey Ferguson 290 2WD tractor, visit Malik Agro Industries, a trustworthy and economical name in the agriculture industry.

MF 290 tractor is easy to operate, versatile in performance, and comes with add-ons. That means the package is immersive in all means to facilitate farmers in the best possible way. No matter how rigorous your duties are, try this unbeatable vehicle and relish an amplified agricultural experience. If you are looking for Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Uganda, we are ready 24/7 to assist you. Stick to this MF 290 2WD guide to read more about its prominent features.

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Specifications of Massey Ferguson 290 2WD Tractor

Massey Ferguson 290 2WD tractor produces unparalleled power that counts up to 80 hp. In a budget-friendly machine, getting amazing features is a dream turning into reality. Perkins engine with 4 cylinders is premium in performance that you will ever find all across the 200 series.


But the power it generates is more extended in magnitude and tends to address vulnerable circumstances. Malik Agro Industries is supplying this machine in all countries. It comes with an effective design to enable easy operation. MF 290 tractor for sale also comes with deep tread to allow the vehicle to have a solid grip on the soil.


Wide and sturdy wheels are strong and provide subsistent traction power for loading and transporting heavy-duty objects. Perkins cylinders are comprehensive comprising bore and stroke diameters reading up to 98 mm and 127 mm respectively. For effective management of heat produced during working, a water cooling system is provided. Get MF 290 for sale now to boost your farming journey.


It helps the machine get rid of excessive heat and operate under optimum temperature. Extraordinary heat, smoke, and noise produced during farm operations can ruin your experience. It is also damaging to the environment and your field crops. Visit Malik Agro Industries to order an agricultural machine with minimalistic sound and smoke, and the capacity to work optimally.


Why Massey Ferguson 290 2WD is the Top-Notch Choice of Farmers all across the World?

MF 290 tractor is the top-most choice of farmers when they consider the value they obtain in return for investment. No doubt, our farming vehicles are worth investing in. Compared to other vehicles in the series, this machine offers two options to achieve a sliding spur. One is possible with 2 reverse and 8 forward gears. Other operates with 12 forward and 4 reverse gears. Massey Ferguson 290 price in Uganda and other countries is also reasonable if you purchase with us.


The machine offers high capacity fuel tank, adjustable steering with immersive control, multi-disc brakes, a spring suspension seat, and add-ons. When all these features assemble in one machine, they offer amazing power and ruggedness. This strong build also guarantees a lifelong partnership between you and the machine. If you want to buy this tractor, Massey Ferguson, contact us now.


Agriculture Sector in Uganda | Making Agriculture more Productive, Flourishing, and profitable in Uganda

The agriculture sector employs 70 percent of the population in Uganda. Among investors, the country is supposed to be the best investment area as its natural resources, environment, and agriculture potential are all among the best in Africa. Some of the favorable characteristics are;

  • Fertile soils
  • Low-temperature variability
  • Two rainy seasons

These factors are supportive of a vast range of agricultural products in much of the land in the country. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that Uganda has fertile arable land that comprises the potential to feed almost 200 million people. Out of 80 percent of the total arable area, Uganda has been successful in cultivating only 35 percent. In the year 2021, the agriculture sector accounted for 24.1 percent of the GDP. Whilst, the sector contributed to 33 percent of export earnings. It has also provided employment opportunities to a significant proportion of the people.

massey ferguson tractor price in Uganda

Major Food Crops of Uganda

The major food crops of Uganda are extensive in the list and comprise tea, sugar, coffee, cotton, tobacco, beans, cassava, millet, sorghum, sweet potatoes, and groundnuts. However, the sector needs to be commercialized to flourish and fulfill global food needs. But it is facing multiple barriers that are impeding the way to commercialization. These include

  • Limited use of fertilizers
  • Limited use of quality seeds
  • Lack of irrigation infrastructure
  • Extreme climate conditions
  • Pest infestations
  • Poor use of innovative farm machinery
  • Lack of quality packaging capabilities
  • Insufficient storage facilities

Uganda can overcome these challenges to streamline its path of agricultural prosperity and growth. Some national-level policymaking can also work well. However, modern machinery can also resolve many of its rough problems. In this regard, we introduce the best name in the agriculture field. Malik Agro Industries has a long history of providing its farm vehicles to farmers all across the globe. Our products vary in range, performance, build, and design to let farmers choose the most appropriate ones according to their needs. Prices are also reasonable. So get in touch with our team for placing an order.


Why Malik Agro Industries and not any other Brand?

If you are looking for Massey Ferguson tractors for sale in Uganda, our team of experts can help you get an advantage. Making a purchase from Malik Agro Industries ensures you premium quality, ruggedness, high-end performance, and many more to add to an unexhaustive list. The features we offer are assembled after carefully observing the needs and requirements of farmers working day and night on the field.


What Malik Agro Industries Envisions behind its Worldwide Dealing of Agricultural Vehicles?

Malik Agro Industries envisions an agriculturally prosperous land all across the globe. The way population is expanding and raising overall needs for a place, food, and clothing. Our efforts are all directed to make the land more productive so that it can fulfill the evolving requirements. In this regard, our agricultural vehicles, farm implements, and spare parts are aimed to serve the desired purpose. Contact our team now if you want to elevate your farming experience and get the maximum output.

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