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Massey Ferguson 240 | Specifications, Prices, Delivery, and Performance

Massey Ferguson 240 is the most economical agricultural vehicle available with 50 horsepower. This is a rugged, compact, and resourceful machine that provides easy accessibility to all the service points. If you’re looking for an all-around tractor, this vehicle can be an ideal and versatile means. It comes with a spring suspension deluxe seat to deliver maximum comfort for the operator. For more information about the availability of its parts and service facilities, visit Malik Agro industries.


Massey Ferguson 240 Prominent Features and Price in Sierra Leone

Massey Ferguson offers its 240 tractors in two variations, 2WD and 4WD. The performance of a 2WD tractor at 2250 RPM is 173.5Nm. You get maximum torque of 44hp at 1350 RPM. P T.O HP @ rated engine speed estimated by the manufacturer is 30 hp. MF 240 engine is equipped with the latest Perkins technology numbered AD 3.152 model. These are some of Massey Ferguson’s 240 specs that make it stand out in the eyes of farmers.


It comprises 3 diesel-operated direct injection cylinders with a bore capacity of up to 91.44 mm and stroke capacity of up to 127.0 mm. The overall storage capacity is 2.5 liters with the compression aspect depicting 16.5:1. Meanwhile for smooth and stabilized operating capability, the vehicle is provided with a thermostat starting aid, water cooling, and oil bath air cleaner. Are you looking for new tractors for sale near me? Look no further. Malik Agro Industries has the best tractor deals for you all across the world.


Not just that, you get comprehensive instrumentation along with the vehicle that facilitates you in several ways. The toolbox, warning lights, front end weight, stabilizer chains, visible number plate, PTO pulley, fiberglass top sum canopy with frames, and swinging drawbar. Some tools are optional while some come as standard fittings onto your vehicle.


If you need a tractor with a loader for sale near me or Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, our company has a richly loaded catalog to help you. We offer reasonable tractor prices across the globe. Visit our website and you will get to know how we are your ideal tractor suppliers near me.



massey ferguson 240 for sale in Sierra Leone



Agriculture in Sierra Leone | What are the prospects for good agriculture?

For Sierra Leone, agriculture is the best prospect industry sector, which includes livestock and forestry. About two-thirds of the country’s labor force is associated with this field and accounts for more than 60% of the GDP. Talking about the agricultural environment, the country is endowed with rich and favorable resources. It has arable land, a temperate climate, and abundant rainfall. It also comprises several rivers with appreciable irrigation potential for fields. These resources are significant enough to support the production of foods that can easily meet local needs. However, the country also exports a significant proportion of it, which is a surplus of local feed.


Opportunities and Challenges to Sierra Leone’s Agriculture System

One of the main constraints in Sierra Leone’s agriculture sector is the use of mechanized farm equipment. Modern technology such as plows, tractors, power tillers, and harvesters need to be employed in the cultivation of crops and fishery departments. Hence, the supply of labor-saving agricultural equipment is the best opportunity for global investors and exporters to sell their farm implements in Sierra Leone.


Some land issues are a major barrier to direct investments by foreigners in the primary production sector. However, a good channel to invest in the domestic and international market can be a resourceful opportunity for farm implements dealers. One such well-reputed dealer and supplier of agricultural products is Malik Agro Industries. We supply our sturdy builds all across the globe at pocket-friendly prices. If you are looking for the best tractor suppliers near me, we are here to help you.


Why is Massey Ferguson the best deal to pick?

Massey Ferguson is the name that has earned massive acceptance by farmers. Most particularly its tractors are one-of-a-kind when it comes to uplifting productivity and ensuring farmer’s ease. Their sturdy build is matchless, yet at a reasonable price. As a global manufacturer and supplier of farm implements, we believe that a tractor should be more than just a machine. It should be an extension to farmers’ hands so they can efficiently do what they love the most. That’s why we keep on striving to make our agricultural tractors more efficient and intuitive. These efforts and aspirations make them fit into any lifestyle and farming method.


We have global customer outreach. Our clients are primarily farmers who are handling agricultural operations for years. But the people who have recently adopted farming as a profession or hobby, love to use our vehicles. Our tractors are high-quality machines that provide long-lasting performance at dependable prices. Through these robust implements, we are on a mission to help farmers get the best out of their farms. That is the reason, we serve farmers across the globe. We bring innovative and smart technology to customers’ doorstep, that makes farming easier, more profitable, and a reliable profession.


Massey 240, tractors for sale near me


Why Malik Agro industries for agricultural vehicles?

Our company Malik Agro Industries was founded in an effort to attain agricultural entrepreneurship. We wanted to make agriculture and modern mechanization more accessible to farmers. As there were many parts of the field management process that needed to be improved. Digital mechanization of the farming field was the sole direction to fasten the field, save efforts, and make the process productive and cost-friendly. One Of our vehicles Massey Ferguson 240 specs has earned a global reputation for being sturdy, innovative, and pocket-friendly.


So after much research and development, we emerged with ultimate solutions varying in price and structure, so that everyone can afford them. We created a patented system that reduces labor costs by as much as 60%, reduces pesticide use by 50%, and enhances crop yield by 50%. These statistics are satisfactory when we look at the present agricultural index of countries. How fluctuating global weather and economic situations hit the agriculture sector and how our farming implements have helped them overcome these hurdles is appreciable. Are you on the lookout for a Massey Ferguson tractor for sale in Sierra Leone? We can help.


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