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mai 265 2wd tractor

MAI 265 2WD Tractor | A Farming Machine for Sale in Somalia

MAI 265 2WD tractor is one of the leading vehicles of Malik Agro Industries. Its high-end performance is ensured with a heavy-duty premium engine that delivers 60 horsepower. A spring suspension deluxe seat is provided to ensure maximum ease for the operator. Farmers can sit in a ROPS-style sunroof canopy and comfortably work on the field. If you want to buy MAI 265 2WD tractor and are looking for a trustworthy company, we can help. Malik Agro Industries can be your reliable partner in a farming journey that is not only reliable and sturdy but also pocket-friendly.


Specifications of MAI 265 2WD Tractor in Somalia

MAI 265 2WD tractor is an unbeatable agricultural vehicle that generates unprecedented power of 60 hp while operating at 2250 rpm. Maximum torque of 212 Nm is also achievable with 1600 rpm. These are all manufacturer’s estimations that also state 48 hp maximum PTO power at rated engine speed. If you are looking to get these brilliant features under budget, try out MAI 265 2WD tractor for sale in Somalia.


With these features, the direct injection diesel type Perkin’s engine is all set to perform heavy-duty farming operations. It would not let the owner disappoint while working on rough soils and handling tedious duties. Its electrics, transmission, power take-off, overall weight, and instrumentation are kept compatible and strategic to support maximum duties in the farming field. 8 forward and 2 reverse gears are provided to get a sliding spur. If you are looking for tractors for sale in Somalia we can help.


The vehicle has a fair enough capacity to store oil and operate with maximum ease. Its weight is also satisfactory to lift heavy objects and transport them. Optional add-ons are also provided that facilitate farmers in daily life farming duties. If you want to purchase a tractor Massey, you might be searching for tractors for sale near me. We are located at distance, yet close to your queries. No matter where you live, remember you are just one step away from us. Contact us now to grab the best farming machine.

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Why MAI 265 2WD is the Top Choice of Farmers?

Malik Agro Industries is serving the farmer’s community for a long and has observed from prolonged experience with the sector what are the real requirements of the farmers. In this segment, we want to highlight whether is MAI 265 2WD tractor really worth having or not. Some of the specifications we enlisted in this guide are supportive of our statement and make the vehicle one-of-a-kind. Such as;

Durable and long-lasting vehicle

Powerful and compact engine

A vehicle equipped with advanced technological features

Sturdy build with supportive add-ons

Wide range of instrumentation

Capability to support several farming operations

Budget-friendly prices

Reduces smoke and noise emission


This Massey Ferguson new model is available at reasonable prices at Malik Agro Industries. We are the leading Massey Ferguson tractor company to offer agricultural machinery all across the world. If you need MAI 265 2WD tractor for sale, get in contact with our team. We are available 24/7 to resolve customer queries.


How Agriculture is Contributing to Somalian Economy and Overall Growth? How Crucial the Sector is for its People and State?

In Somalia, agriculture is the largest economic contributor, accounting for more than 65 percent of the national GDP. This income comes from both domestic distributions of food commodities and exports to other states of the continent. 65 percent of the total labor force is linked with this field to back the country in meeting all the needs. Behind this massive production, both traditional and modern farming methods and tools are involved. But the country is noticed to be shifting more towards modern procedures and industrial techniques. Are you looking for tractors for sale near me? Let us guide you to the right place.

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Agriculture and Food Security | Agricultural Challenges to the State

Though the state is fragile, it has massive potential for agricultural growth. It is rich in resources required to get the best output. But in recent decades the country has seen huge conflicts that hit the sector harder. Somalia is positioned at that place of the globe that is drought-prone. This location has made the country suffer the worst famines in history. The problems are aggravated by other factors such as;

Lack of extension services by the government

Few protective storage facilities

Poor roads and infrastructure

Lack of governmental policies

Lack of skills

Poor access to international markets

Limited investments in local agribusiness


These factors combined with adverse climate conditions made the country fall back in its agricultural growth. Foreign support from other countries has helped the farmers adopt quality measures and get back their position as fulfilling producers. Yet the Somalian government needs to pay keen attention

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