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Post Hole Digger

Get Up-to-date Post Hole Digger at a reasonable price

Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Digger is a tool to dig the diminutive holes in the ground. The sizes and shape of the tractor post hole digger is dissimilar according to the condition of the digging. It is appropriate for the agricultural and manufacturing segment. Moreover It digs the holes in equivalent etiquettes. It can tunnel the hole in the identical diameter and perimeter. It can dig the gap is 90cm. These post hole diggers can effortlessly be closed or separate with the tractor.

Nursery planting, in the planting of olive, fruits, hazelnuts, and additional trees. Hole digging areas, hole digging, in the escalating of rope diggings.Hole digger capable of tractors three-point systems and accumulate to the tractor. It takes move from faction axle with duct. Hole digger with Hydraulic Piston is a dreadfully high presentation when digging a hole, through hydrolic piston to make simple power transfer and it is very functional for an agricultural machine. When is digging you can direct depending on district rigidity with the control bar. Malik Argo industries are one of the foremost manufacturers of Post Hole Digger Machine. We offer a 5 jack model for soft soil and 7 jack model for Hard soil. We provide our products all over Pakistan and South Africa.

Digger With Wooden Handle

We offer hard-wearing, heavy-duty post hole digger for tractors, prepared with high-grade raw materials This farming implement is used to dig pits/holes in agricultural or any further land. It can be used for the agricultural estate of saplings, erecting electric poles, erecting fencing poles, etc. We undergo our enormous contentment to set up ourselves as one of the manufacturers of Swords, Gauntlets, Body Armour, Helmets, Daggers, Crossbows, Axes, Chainmails, etc. I guarantee you that you will like our products. We offer the best quality products at levelheaded rates.

Product Description

Post Hole Digger is contrived and abounding by us and we utilize the high quality of raw material to produce our products. Our digger can fruitfully dig the hole of 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30 and 36 inches. We produce these products with stabilizer facilities that place the portend at a 90-degree angle while they are digging the hole and they also aid to sign the augur in a preferred manner. To make our creation more moveable the endpoint of augur and the bending blades can be replaced from the appliance.


  • Hole Digger is an apparatus, which can drill/Dig holes of various sizes and pits in the soil.
  • Tractor PTO of 540 RPM mechanically impels hole Digger Augur.
  • Hole Digger consists of a Stabilizer system, which keeps the augur upright to the ground while in process and controls fluctuation of augur while moving from one point to another point.
  • Digger Augur endpoints and the winding blades are made expendable.
  • Hole Digger Gearbox, Power Transmission Ray, and spirals are most significant.

What we offer?

We have rich familiarity in built-up, exporting, and wholesaling a broad range of agricultural equipment. The products we present comprise automatic disc plough, chaff cutter machine, disc plough, heavy-duty spring-loaded tiller, hydraulic tipping trailer, bund maker, tractor operated chisel plough, hydraulic tractor-trailer, land leveler, reversible land leveler, and mouldboard plough. To provide to the exact demands of our alleged customers, we are ready with a wealthy infrastructure component with all the essential amenities. We have an extremely resourceful squad that carries out numerous processes of creation efficiently ensuing in punctual delivery of our products.

Our band of quality analysts is occupied in providing defect-free products by ensuring a quality check on every point of making. Furthermore our corporation following the worldwide industrial advancements is always beside farmers and at the tune-up of state agriculture with superiority, machinery compliant to standards, and on-site applications.

Our strapping points

  • Customs Union with the EU and acceptance of technical commands,
  • Ability to produce with spirited costs and bendable schedules,
  • Viable components/spare parts mechanized,
  • Premium standards in industrialized,
  • Accessibility of highly educated, skilled, young and active workers,
  • Flexible and long term agreements,
  • High levels of industry know-how and profitable background,
  • Extensive application of worldwide management systems
  • Capability to acclimatize to changes in values and surmise, suppleness in construction and delivery,
  • Up to date CAD/CAM systems,
  • Contemporary process control systems,
  • Incessant enhancement applications,


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