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Laser Land Leveler

Farmers habitually have been working land leveling in their fields by using animal-drawn or tractor drawn levelers. These levelers are easy equipment consisting of a blade and a small pail for variable the soil from a superior spot to the low-lying positions. Usually leveled or unleveled lands escort to waterlogging situation at squat deceitful areas and less soil damp in superior levels Furthermore. an important quantity (10-25%) of irrigation water is mislaid during application at the farm due to poor administration and rough fields. Laser Land Leveler Minimizes the cost of process through its proficient working. While it ensures an enhanced degree of precision in much minor time.

Malik Argo industries Laser Land Leveler Saves irrigation water through precise leveling as the water reaches at each end of the meadows.  While it determines uniform seed germination and augments manure usefulness and resultantly enhances crop succumb extreme irrigation at stumpy lying areas leaches soluble nutrients from the crop root zone and makes the soil fewer industrious.  Furthermore, germination and crop stand are exaggerated unfavorably by low soil humidity at elevated levels. Technological Options for superior output and Profit 183 exactness land leveling is predictable to improve water use competence and therefore harness higher water productivity.

Precision land leveling helps;

Precision land leveling helps in calculating the materialization of salt-affected patches, growing cropping power, and crop efficiency in cultivable land area by 3-5%, humanizing the crop institution, plummeting the weed strength, and saving the irrigation water. Moreover Laser Land leveling is the procedure of smoothening the land surface ± 2 cm from its standard altitude by using laser-equipped drag buckets to attain accuracy in land leveling.

Precision land leveling occupies varying the fields in such a method as to produce an invariable slope of 0 to 0.2%. Moreover This perform makes use of bulky horsepower tractors and soil movers that are operational with worldwide positioning systems (GPS) and/or laser-guided instrumentation so that the soil can be enthused either by wounding or stodgy to generate the preferred slope/level.

Components of laser land leveling system

The laser leveler involves the exploit of laser (whisperer) that emits a speedily rotating-beam analogous to the compulsory field aircraft, which is selected up by a feeler (getting unit) fixed to a tractor towards the scraper unit. Moreover the signal received is transformed into the cut and block-level modification and the matching changes in the scraper level are conceded out mechanically by a hydraulic control system. While the scraper management is entirely automatic; the rudiments of operator slip-up are detached allowing consistently precise Laser land leveling. The system consists of 2 units. While The transmitter is a laser, which is mounted on an elevated platform. It swiftly rotates, sends the laser light in a circle like a lighthouse does, excluding that the light is a laser, so it leftovers in a very slight beam.

A laser-controlled land leveling system consists of 5 main apparatus

  • Drag bucket
  • Laser transmitter
  • Laser receiver
  • Control box, and
  • Hydraulic system

Limitations of laser leveling

  • The elevated cost of the apparatus/laser device.
  • Require for a skilled operator to set/adjust laser settings and drive the tractor.
  • Less appropriate for patchy and undulated fields


  • Laser controlled exactitude land leveling helps in humanizing crop establishment.
  • Civilizing standardization of crop ripeness.
  • Rising about 3 to 5% of the cultivable land area.
  • Increasing water-application efficiency potential by up to 50%.
  • Growing cropping concentration up to 40%.
  • Increasing succumb of crops (wheat 15%, sugarcane 42%, Rice 61%, and cotton 66%).
  • Controlling the materialization of salt-affected patches in the soil.
  • Saving irrigation water by around 35-45%.
  • Reducing weed troubles and humanizing weed organize competence

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