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Disc Plough

Amplify your efficiency with advanced Tractor disc plough

Tractor disc plough

The tractor disc plough is premeditated to work in all kinds of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning, and soil mixing. It is used to unlock the original fields and to procedure the stony areas. It can be used effortlessly in stony and ingrained areas. Moreover It is particularly practical in hard and dry worthless land surroundings and in soils where scouring is a main dilemma. It is being fashioned with 2-3-4 and 5 bottoms with an alternative for additional kit for crease addition. It is unswervingly mounted to the tractor. Extra heavy-duty pipe enclose has lofty trash authorization allowing the plough to maneuver despite weighty crop scum.

Malik Argo industries developed and supplying of Agricultural Equipment, tractor Disc Plough, and Thresher. Being a quality-oriented association.While we can convey a series of quality products that are contrived at our complicated ability under the management of our skillful squad of experts. We make certain that the whole assortment of products is as per market demands. That additional assist us make certain absolute customer fulfillment. With a methodical considerate of the pertinent industry, we are contributing a broad range of tractor Disc Plough that can be unswervingly mounted to the tractors. Furthermore this creation is functional for the farming of hard and dry land where scouring is a chief problem. This plough is feigned using the finest quality raw materials and superior technology.


  • makes the soil permeable that helps in effortless planting
  • Avert the fields from weeds
  • turn over the superior layer of soil and offer the valuable residue of the preceding crop to the new one
  • It is used to open the new fields and to procedure the stony areas.
  • It is mainly practical in hard and dry tacky land circumstances and in soils where scouring is a main trouble.


  • It is frankly mounted to the tractors.
  • It can be used simply in rocky and entrenched areas.
  • The truck disc plough is premeditated to work in medium and light soil for basic functions such as soil breaking, soil
  • Elevate, soil turning, and soil integration.

Our Services

Malik Argo industries have a broad network that allows us to arrive at each corner of the country. Furthermore our infrastructure enables us to route the immensity orders in a very small period without any hassles. With our pursuit of excellence in all the spheres of the business. While we have made a burly occurrence in households as well as abroad markets. While we use the best class of raw material and sustainable engineering designs for built-up pioneering apparatus of worldwide standards.

Our corporation has been licensed with ISO for following a first-rate quality administration system. Company`s various assortment of products comprise Rotary Tillers (Rotavator), Disc Harrows, Tyne Ridgers, Spring Loaded Tillers, Subsoiler, Rotary Slashers, Rigid Tillers, Land Levellers,  etc. Noticeable by numerous years of experience, we have been causative to farming development by providing ground-breaking equipment at the most reasonable prices.

Augment your productivity with highly developed Farm Implements

This is a sort of machinery, which helps farmers to obtain noteworthy gains in their yield. While we have a vast and sophisticated compilation of farm equipment, small farm apparatus, agricultural grille tackles, farm tools, Farmall tractors, agricultural spray tools, or many more that farmers require for their farms. Farmers are putting their top efforts to convey an optimistic transform in their products like vegetables, fruits, etc. Agricultural at any stage needs some farming equipment, agricultural equipment, and tools as per appliance.

The assortment and uses of farm equipments are based upon the land and soil properties. Farm implements are being sold in dissimilar agricultural paraphernalia markets and may contain a little bit of diverse stipulation. We take heed of implements’ specifications and customization as per the market rations. The modus operandi of humanizing a land stems back over thousands of years and is still as identical and significant now as it was. With every big augment in hi-tech modernism, the techniques used to make more competent farm implements have augmented.

Most excellent Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers

Malik Argo Industries is the best farming producer and service supplier in the catalog of agricultural equipment manufacturers all over the world. While we are here to make available our client’s absolute fulfillment and exceptional services. Moreover our aim in the agricultural equipment industry is to offer high-quality farm equipment and farming irrigation equipments all over the world at most cutthroat rates. While we have abridged the collection between us and our customers, no matter where they are, by creating links in the provincial market through our farm traders, our acquaintances, and our product sellers and service groups.

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