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Chaff Cutter

With the aid of a chaff cutter, straw or hay is mechanically cut into small fragments prior to being blended with other food or fed to horses and cattle. The animal benefits from the improved digestion as a result, and they are less likely to reject any food items from their diet.

  • From being simple devices, cutters have evolved into business standards.
  • Depending on the animal, they can be pushed at various speeds and produce chaff cuts of varying lengths.

New cutter equipment now includes transportable, tractor-driven variants that can load trolleys while working in the field.


The Chaff Cutter Benefits for farming

To put it simply, it is a chaff cutter machine designed to equally slice hay and straw for use as feed for dairy cows. For chopping up many kinds of dry and green feed into small bits to feed to animals, chara machines are easy to use. The green or dry fodder from Bajra, Jawar, corn, barseem, sugarcane, paddy, grass, peanuts, etc. is chopped with the use of a chaff cutter. When animals are fed genuine, high-quality silage, more milk and livestock are produced.

Dairy producers and cattle farmers can achieve their goals using this economical method. This chaff cutter machine for agriculture offers all of these advantages.

Although each chara machine is well-built to perform flawlessly and available in a variety of sizes and uses, there are many different types of chara cutting machine. This article aims to give you crucial information about each of these silage machines as well as purchase advice. To learn the chaff cutter machine price, go to Malik Agro Industries. We also have chaff cutter for sale.


  • You only pay for the cost of the food (less on the off chance that you become your own).
  • Just over half the price of economically transported waste, at most.
  • Your waste is produced when and when it is needed, keeping it generally pretty pristine for your animals. They will also enjoy it.
  • Throughout the tease cycle, you are free to add whatever vitamins you require. It’s easy to add small parts, sledge processed grain, and other things.
  • Giving your animals the freshly created trash in a box or other care equipment is good.
  • By doing this, you can eliminate feed-related problems like contamination from faeces and dung and treading on the meal, as well as make sure that animals don’t just pick out the tasty bits and leave the rest.
  • Frequently, the stalky portions that they consume are extra fibre that they would otherwise discard if they consumed the full grain.
  • Reduce bad luck by 20 to 30 percent.
  • You are quite knowledgeable on how to care for your animals.

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Machine Information

  • 75 kg (Including Motor)
  • cutting blade made of high-carbon steel (2-Nos.)
  • Blade size: 510 mm Bearing Size: 6204 & 6206

chaff cutter price would make the ideal partner if you have cattle on your property and use chaff as one of your main feeding options. A mechanical tool is typically used to chop up hay into small bits. Cattle can then be fed with them after that. These devices are constructed from premium, modern materials. The lifespan of this machine is greater. Don’t look further and contact us for chaff cutter machine price. Hands-on labour can be highly taxing, but thanks to our appealing machines, farmers can work in a relaxing environment for long stretches of time while feeling completely at ease. Be the most profitable, efficient, and productive cultivator in your area by owning one of our machines.

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