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New Holland Dabung NH 85HP 2w Tractors

Fiat NH Dabung NH 85HP 2w Tractors HP Tractor was launched by Malik agro industries. They manufactured this new model by modification of recent Holland Dabung (85 HP 2w) tractor. This can be 85 horsepower tractors has been made with strong rear portion. AGTL share within the segment of 85HP was negligible for covering and snatching the share Dabung tractor was launched.

The competitor of Dabing tractor is Millet’s MF 385 tractor. Massey 385 tractor is the most popular selling model in Pakistan. Where there Dabung is sold customers aren’t 100% satisfied with its performance. NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor is very powerful and fuel economic especially in the farming purposes for example tillage and use of implements. But once we discuss tractor trolley purpose it’s not so good yet.