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new holland 7056 4wd tractor

New Holland 7056 4WD Tractor Specifications and Features

New holland loader tractor model 7056 (85 HP 4W) from Malik Agro Industries. There are two versions of the New Holland 640 tractor, including this one with 85 HP. The sturdy straddle rear axle on the NH 70-56(85 HP 4W) makes it a significant workload tractor. Excellent oil-immersed disc brakes are found on the new holland 7056 4wd tractors. The NH640s series of New Holland vehicles also features robust heavy-duty front axle support. 

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Tractor model NH 70-56(85 HP 4W) comes with a heavy-duty steering arm and spindle. NH 70-56(85 HP 4W) tractor from New Holland features an improved hydraulic distribution system. The highly developed hydraulic power-assisted steering on the Fiat New Holland NH 70-56(85 HP 4W) 2WD tractor allows for a relaxing drive. We provide you with the new holland compact tractor prices. 

The P.T.O power of the NH 70-56(85 HP 4W) tractor is better. It contains a top-notch D.T.O kit to manage tube wells and threshers. We are the best provider of new holland tractor company. 

The Tractor’s Saving Grace for Humanity 

The emergence of the tractor signaled the start of farming’s mechanized era. With the help of animals, farmers were able to turn the soil, haul bigger burdens, and bring in their harvests in ways they never could have dreamed. The tractor’s widespread use had such a profound effect that it continues to serve as the foundation of the modern farm even now, more than a century later. A farm used to produce enough food for two other people before the invention of the gasoline farm tractor; today, one farm can supply 130 people with food. Are you looking for tractor price in egypt? 

Farms grew larger as a result of the improved efficiency and productivity that tractors brought because farmers could now manage more land. According to Wessels Living History Farm, it now only takes 30 minutes to plough an acre of land instead of an hour and a half when using five horses. We are here if you are looking for a new holland tractor modify? 

Today, the task can be finished in only five minutes with a 154-horsepower tractor and a chisel plough! A hundred bushels of corn are now produced in just over three hours thanks to mechanization and new, more effective farming methods; before 1930, it took between 15 and 20 hours of effort to produce just that much maize! Looking for a new new Holland tractors? 


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3-position turn signals; (parking, low & high beam). On the instrument panel, a blue caution light for high beams. Front grill-mounted adjustable headlight with a warning, parking, and hazard lights. 


12-volt starting system, 400-watt alternator, 4 horsepower (3 kilowatts) starter motor, and 108 amp-hour battery. We provide you with the new holland methane tractor.   


Service dry band of the mechanical variety. Parking: manual lever on the operator’s right side. 

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  • 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds in a gearbox with constant mesh. 
  • Sync on the third, fourth, seventh, and eighth speeds Double lever controls 
  • Differential lock with automatic disconnection and pedal activation. 
  • Final drives in spur gears. 
  • starting safety switch located on the gearbox. 


120 kg front weight, telescoping design, inverted U section 


Completely upholstered, adjustable parallelogram suspension, and footstep for comfort. Buy a new Holland garden tractor for your farm. 


For engine examination, the hood has a side-hinged cover. For rapid access to the air cleaner and batteries, the front grill is easily detachable. 

Why Malik Agro Industries, exactly? 

We are the best supplier of new holland tractors in egypt. We are the best choice you can make for tractors for sale in egypt. Modern agricultural technology is provided to the global agriculture industry by Malik Agro Industries. Products, systems, and services from Malik Agro Industries offer highly effective, innovative solutions for agricultural equipment. Lahore, Pakistan’s primary agricultural market, is home to Malik Agro Industries’ corporate headquarters. Integrity, courage, teamwork, and devotion are the tenets of the corporate culture, which serves to invigorate their clients and contribute to a more profitable future. Malik Agro Industries sets itself apart through outstanding innovation, excellent quality, individualized customer service, and astute marketing.  


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