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new holland 640 75HP

Benefits Of New Holland 640 75HP In Modern Agriculture and Farming

A tractor is a piece of farm equipment used to mechanise agricultural tasks like tillage. But since its modest beginnings as a steam engine on wheels in the 19th century, the tractor has come a long way. The usage of tractors in farming nowadays includes field planting, soil cultivation, and ploughing. Tractors of the modern day can be used for a range of jobs, such as maintaining lawns, planting shrubs, and distributing or moving fertiliser. And the range of activities and capacities of contemporary tractors has expanded thanks to digital technology and precision agricultural technologies. Malik Agro Industries offers the most powerful tractor, new holland 640 75HP, for your ease.  

Discover the new holland 640 75HP 

You will discover that utilising a tractor makes the job easier whether you like to work only on the lawn, the garden and on the farm. And if you are searching for 75 hp tractors for sale, then there is no place better than us! Looking for tractors for sale in uae? Contact us for tractor price uae.The best features of this tractor for agricultural mechanisation, gardening, or earthmoving are covered in this article. 

Specifications:Members of the New Holland family,  new holland 75 hp tractor provide the highest power, quality, and durability combination on the market. Due to its wide range of capabilities throughout the work environment, this tractor with a retro design is highly recommended. Popular especially in challenging terrain because of its strong grip on all terrains that nature has to offer; outfitted with contemporary amenities like a power steering. Lahore Agro Farm Industries has this new holland 640, 2WD, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke tractor for sale, which is perfect for regular use. Grab the new holland tn75d from Malik Agro Industries.Tractors are supplied to customers worldwide by Lahore Agro Farm Industries at the most competitive prices.  

  1. Power steering kit can be installed,
  2. Deluxe Seat,
  3. And Spare Parts are readily available.
  4. A 4WD kit can be installed.
  5. Building ROPS/AC cabins is possible.

ENGINE POWER:  Fly wheel 75 HP  

OPERATING WEIGHT: With 7.50 – 16 and 16.9/14 – 30 tyres, hydraulic lift with 3 – point linkage cat. 1 – 2, 30 kg front axle bracket guard, flat top fenders (with out any frame): 2,100Kg.  

TYRES: Front: 7.50 – 16 , Rear: 16.9/14-30 

INSTRUMENT PANEL: Separate temperature, fuel gauge & tachometer. 

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Food Security and Agriculture in Kenya 

With almost 33% of Kenya’s GDP coming from the agricultural sector, it is the foundation of the economy (GDP). More than 40% of the workforce and 70% of the rural population are employed in the agricultural industry. However, recent years have seen a stagnation in agricultural productivity. Smallholder farmers and agricultural firms still have difficulties expanding their operations and raising the calibre of their produce. Through the involvement of the private sector, we seek to improve nutrition results, county government capacity, resilience, and the development of sustainable market systems. Are you looking for a tractor for sale in uae? Malik Agro Industries has a variety of dubai tractor.  


Strengthening Food Security 

In order to address the underlying causes of hunger and poverty, USAID collaborates with partners as part of the Feed the Future project. By boosting the diversity and competitiveness of agricultural market systems and livelihoods, we aim to improve food security and raise incomes. The effort is concentrated on the dairy, livestock, horticulture, and staple food value chains. We improve the supply and quality of agricultural inputs, provide access to financing, and support private sector solutions by connecting farmers to markets and innovative farming techniques. 

Why Malik Agro Industries, exactly? 

We are the best supplier of tractor in uae. We are the best choice you can make for a tractor for sale in dubai. Modern agricultural technology is provided to the global agriculture industry by Malik Agro Industries. Products, systems, and services from Malik Agro Industries offer highly effective, innovative solutions for agricultural equipment. Lahore, Pakistan’s primary agricultural market, is home to Malik Agro Industries’ corporate headquarters. Integrity, courage, teamwork, and devotion are the tenets of the corporate culture, which serves to invigorate their clients and contribute to a more profitable future. Malik Agro Industries sets itself apart through outstanding innovation, excellent quality, individualised customer service, and astute marketing.  

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