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With Malik Argo industries name being identical with firmness, abundance, brand power, and consumer faithfulness, our task is to maintain market direction as the lowest cost producer of the uppermost quality products the most lasting spirited rim is the eminence of our tractors. Moreover With commercial assets, our job is to be a manual box instance of superior corporate supremacy and through shared Social accountability produce jointly valuable affairs amid the Company, Stakeholders and the Community.

Recognized for supplying a general range of finest quality of Mould Board Plough, we present a broad collection of Mould Board Plough goods in assorted sizes, designs, and thicknesses, which ensemble the supplies of our priceless clients in the most resourceful manner. These goods are affected as per the global eminence standards by using advanced machinery and tools. While We are situated in Pakistan and South Africa. With the assist of good commerce principles and international value products like Mould Board Plough, while we have earned a reverential name in the familial as well as in the worldwide market. While We convey our products throughout the globe. Our all right superiority products are what we boast of and our absolute assurance towards our clients and backed by well-off familiarity.

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Uses Of Mould Board Plough


Mould Board Plough is the most significant plough for major tillage in duct irrigated or weighty rain areas where moreover loads of weeds varieties. The aim for ploughing with a Mould Board is to wholly capsize and macerate the soil, uproot all weeds, trash, and crop remains and conceal them beneath the soil. Moreover the form of mold Board is premeditated to cut down the soil and upturn it to the accurate side, entirely burying the undesired enlargement which is consequently twisted into manure after decay.

Benefits Of Mould Board Plough

  • It can grip the toughest ploughing job with exceptional penetration performance.
  • It is designed to effort in all types of soil for fundamental functions such as soil contravention. Soil raising and soil revolving.
  • it can be used in rock-strewn and rooted soils,

What Are Manufacturers Provide The Best In Mould Board Plough

Manufacturers and providers of accumulated disc plough, farming tractor blade. Moreover Backed by our adroit workforce, we convey an assortment of ploughs. Moreover our ploughs mounted disc plough and M.B. plough are fictitious using first-class rank unrefined material from the newest technology machines. While these ploughs have meticulous wear-resistant steel bottoms with bar tips for toughest ploughing occupations. Obtainable in averages as well as modified options, our choice of ploughs have unique corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant steel bottoms. Moreover our strapping M.B. Plough can handle the toughest ploughing job with dazzling dissemination recital. While These ploughs are specifically designed by our practiced experts so that they can accumulated on tractor unswerving with easiness.

Our Communications:

We work on an extensive infrastructure, wherein all newest equipment is installed and the utilization of highly developed technologies is optimistic to come up with the optimum assortment of products corresponding with the customer necessities. In addition, the machines are habitually cleaned and promoted to maintain the manufactured goods excellence unchanged.

 Our Team

One of the maximum resources for the corporation is the hold up from exceedingly qualified professionals. Moreover These persons were vigilantly preferred after subterranean market examination and are imparted everyday preparation in order to remain alongside each other with the varying market circumstances.

Quality Policy

The quality feature is one feature for which we occupation in an enthusiastic way. While These policies were intended as per deposit market values on customary foundation so as to linger at spirited market position.

Features Mould Board Plough

  • The under-frame and unit-to-unit authorization are sufficient to manage with the worthless stipulation.
  • Totaling an extra groove or relocation units to permit for additional go-ahead is rapid and simple.
  • The plough has individual wear-resistant steel bottoms with bar points for toughest ploughing jobs.
  • Bar point bottoms make certain longer life as they can be extensive and re-used block up the previously achievable span.

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