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Laser Land Leveler | Features Of Laser Land Leveler

What is Laser land leveler actually & why it is important?

Patchy soil surface has a main impact on germination, stand, and defer of crops due to in homogeneous water distribution. So, land leveling is a predecessor to first-class agronomic, soil, and crop organization performs. Usually, farmers rank their fields using animal-drawn or tractor-drawn levelers. These Laser land levelers are rigging consisting of a blade acting as a small pail for changing the soil. It is observed that even the best-leveled fields via conventional land leveling practices are not accurately leveled and this shows the way to the jagged allocation of irrigation water.

The general practices of irrigation in intensively cultured irrigated areas are flood sink and prove basin irrigation scheme. These practices on habitually leveled or unleveled lands pilot to water logging surroundings in low-lying areas at higher spots. The superior technique to level or ranking the field is to utilize a laser-guided leveling apparatus. Laser land leveling is leveling the meadow within a definite scale of preferred incline using guided laser ray.


  • Backed by Malik Argo Industries Guarantee
  • Range: Diameter 1 Km (Approx.)
  • Reliable Fully Automatic Transmitter
  • Durable, Shock Proof Big Screen Receiver
  • Control Box with Manual or Automatic Settings
  • Provision of Slope S
  • Heat Resistance & Water Proof

Benefits of Laser Land Leveling

Exactness Laser Land Leveling has proved to be extremely valuable because it reduces the outlay of operation, makes sure a superior degree of exactness in a greatly smaller time, saves irrigation water, ascertains consistent seed germination, boosts fertilizer use competence, and resultantly develop crop yields. An impact evaluation study was carried out by PIPIP observe and estimation advisors during 2018 for its evaluation, which discloses the following shocks at the farm level:

  • Enhancing Water Application Efficiency
  • Water-Saving: 25 percent
  • Improvement in crop yield: 23 percent
  • Enhancement in fertilizer use competence: 11 percent
  • Saving in farm labor: 18 percent
  • Annual net revenue generation: PKR 410,000
  • EIRR: 29.6 %
  • Gateway to Mechanization
  • Precursor for OFWM interventions

What we serve in the field of Laser Land Leveler


We farm ourselves and completely comprehend the reimbursement of accuracy water supervision infield. We have used laser power for water management since in the 1970s, though, the difficulty with it, is that you can reallocate 400% further soil than requisite as you are embarrassed to solitary or inadequate slopes. Separately from the much superior earth moving rate that this occupies, it as well disturbs more loam which can contain momentous impacts on crop yields for decades. We accomplish this by manufacture Malik Argo industries the world’s foremost solution for farming earthworks, providing our clients with the most helpful services, software, and hardware.

What are the Components of the LASER Land Leveling System?


The LASER proscribed land leveling system consists of a LASER transmitter, a signal recipient, an electrical control panel, and a solenoid hydraulic control tap. The LASER transmitter transmits a LASER ray, which is interrupted by the signal receiver accumulate on a leveling blade attached to the tractor. The control panel mounted on the tractor construes the signal from the receiver and unlocks or closes the hydraulic control valve, which elevates or lowers the leveling blade. Some LASER transmitters have the talent to level the pasture on single or double graded slopes assortment from 0.01 to 15 percent.

Our which specifications make us different from others?


To provide to the supplies of the farming domain, we are amid the far-famed manufacturers and exporters of a collection of Agricultural apparatus such as Mud Loader, Lazar Land Leveler, Riper, Renovator, and numerous others. These products are very straightforward to utilize and do not necessitate any particular training for their maneuver.

The manufacture of our goods is carried out as per the newest market necessities and developments. This facility carries out unrelenting research exertion on the new market expansion and recommends the amalgamation of the most suitable equipment and technology. This means we are proficient to keep rapidity with the market dynamics. This has enabled us in obtaining complete customer fulfillment; for which we also execute assorted measures such as customized packaging and trouble-free payment modes.

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