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MF 360 for sale in Ghana

MF 375 2wd Tractor In Tanzania

MF 375 2wd Tractor

MF 375 2wd Tractor In Tanzania by Massey Ferguson is a new environment-friendly tractor with an influential engine. Moreover MF 375 utilizes the authoritative high recital 4 cylinders Perkins 4.41 engine. Its engine uses a straight injection system through which fuel moves unswervingly to the ignition chamber and burns easily and systematically. Malik Argo Industries offers an enormous series of Massey Ferguson tractors; each tractor is just right for farmers’ supplies indefinite scenarios. Massey Ferguson MF 375 is one of its authoritative and high performing agricultural vehicles.

MF 360 for sale in Ghana

Massey Ferguson MF 375 is prevailing, burly and the most demanding tractor at the instant. MF 375 is a solid tractor that fulfills the contemporary requirements of the farmers. It comes with new smooth looks with very effectual headlights, graceful indicators, elegant wrapper, and grill. Massey Ferguson 375 is the most excellent tractor in the market. It is hard-wearing and very effective due to its dependable services. It has the unsurpassed engine which is dropping the noise. Massey Ferguson 375 is the most inexpensive tractor. It meets all the demands which a farmer essential in the tractor. It has the best navigation with hydrostatic power. Massey Ferguson 375 is the most useful tractor in the market and has an exclusive style.

Massey Ferguson MF375 has following unique features

  • MF 375 Tractor is one of the biodegradable tractors by Massey Ferguson
  • Massey Ferguson MF 375 2wd tractor uses oil cooler system for enhanced cooling
  • Designed with vigorous straddle rear axle
  • MF 375 2wd vehicle uses resourceful oil-immersed disc brakes
  • MF 375 2wd is ready with Heavy Duty Front support
  • Massey Ferguson MF375 2 wheel drive tractor has a coil suspension deluxe seat for enhanced operation
  • Heavy-duty spindle and steering arm
  • It is an inexpensive farm vehicle which has a very squat fuel expenditure
  • Uses the most superior hydrostatic power steering system.


Weight Frame without Weights, Standard Tool Box with a place of tools, Top Link, Top Link End, Cat-I, Cat I & II balls, Check Chains, Stabilizer Chains, Spring Suspension Seat, Flat Top. Fenders & Operator’s Manual.


Cabin (A/C Non-A/C), Sun Canopy (ROPS Style) Front End Weights, 9 Hole Drawbar Swinging Drawbar, Pintle Hook, Auto Hitch Hydraulic Control Outlets/Spool Valves External Electric Switch, PTO Belt Pulley
International Warranty Tool Kit.

Performance of MF 375 2wd tractors

MF 375 2wd Tractor In Tanzania is set up with an oil cooler for effectual cooling which results in the enhanced presentation. Its spring suspension deluxe chair lets the user work it at ease and to effortlessly. Usually, Massey Ferguson tractors utilize burly straddle rear axle and so MF 375 is designed with a similar standard rear axle. Another trait of this tractor is its hydrostatic power steering which works with no having to depend on the mechanical steering linkage. Instead, it uses navigation cylinders and supple hoses which make its operating knowledge far superior to other steering systems.


  • Hydrostatic Power Steering for Comfortable Driving
  • Hydraulically Actuated, Oil-Immersed Multi-Disc Brake System with Pendant Paddle
  • Robust Straddle Rear Axle with Epicyclic Reduction Unit
  • Heavy Duty Front Axle & Support
  • Fuel-Efficient, 4.248 High-Performance Engine
  • Greater Pulling Power
  • Higher PTO Power
  • Spring Suspension Delux Seat
  • Easy Accessibility to Service Points
  • Spacious Operator’s Area

Traditionally used for farming and various agricultural activities

  • Tractors have been usually used for agricultural and assorted agricultural activities. Tractors in today’s era can do lots of activities like ploughing, tilling, landscape upholding, spreading and moving fertilizers, and also for defrayal bushes.
  • These tractors are also used in tiny farms as well as in standard lawn and garden work. Tractors are obtainable in diverse models, and every tractor is built and intended well to present resourcefulness in performing a broad range of activities on the field.
  • Tractors are specifically designed with an authoritative engine to run through rough land and pull very heavy loads. Which makes them useful in tough agricultural conditions.
  • A Tractor also provides a set of benefits to the cultivator as well, like it provides competence to the work of the farmer, and he can get 10 times extra production of the result as compared to the work done manually.
  • It helps the farmer to keep time and resources which is a very elegant strategy as it cuts down the expenses of farming

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