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MF 240 in Srilanka

MF 240 2wd Tractor In Togo

MF 240 2wd Tractor

MF 240 2wd Tractor In Togo is a new brand in the market. It is basically designed to meet the agricultural challenges. Which are increasing day by day. Moreover it is economical and has the range of HP 50. It is versatile and round tractor. This tractor is proving effective and increasing the agricultural productivity of land. It is proving more powerful tractor and the demand of this tractor is high in the market. Massey Ferguson MF 240 with 2 wheel drive and 50hp engine power.

MF 240 in Srilanka

Salient Features:

  • Most Economical in 50HP Range
  • Rugged, Meneuverable and Compact
  • Easy Accessibility to Service Point
  • Ideal, Versatile, All Round Tractor
  • Spring Suspension Delux Seat
  • Availibility of Parts & Service Facilities

Specification and Features

Comprehensive Instrumentation: Flat Fenders with Handle and Protected Lights:
More Comfortable Spring Suspension Seat, Plough Lamp, Visible Number Plate, Warning Lights, Vertical Exhaust, Hand and Foot Accelerator, Differential Lock, Safety Start Switch, Adjustable Top Link, Rear PTO Shield, Horn, Tools Box, Standard Toolkit, Over Bonnet Pre-cleaner, Indicator Lights, Stabilizer Chains, Front end Weight Frame.


Range of Farm Implements, PTO Pulley, 9-Hole Draw Bar, Stays, Fiber Glass Top Sun Canopy with Frame, Ground PTO, Frond End Weights, Rear View Mirror, Hydraulic Spool Valves, Swinging Draw Bar.

Importance of Massey Ferguson 240 2wd today’s Farmer Life

MF 240 2wd Tractor In Togo Tractors are between the mainly dependable and cost-effective tractors. It assists the farmers to carry out their work quickly and in an actually exceptional way. The provisions of our company are a very expedient and steadfast option for farmers. They rely on it and get loads of time-saving and extra boost in their daily work. Moreover farms are anecdotal from the development of countries; big countries have a great farm with current tackles whereas small countries have elderly equipment on the farm.

Massey Ferguson 240 2WD is a new trademark in the market. Which are growing day by day. This is reasonably priced and has a choice of HP 50. It is a resourceful and round tractor. Moreover this tractor is establishing efficiently and escalating the farming yield of the land. Moreover Massey Ferguson 240 engine oil capacity with 2 wheel drive and 50hp engine power. Massey Ferguson 240 manual is the cheapest but still very functional tractor in the Massey Ferguson tractors family. Moreover this 50Hp, 2WD tractor is obtainable for sale at a low-cost price. We have MF 240 tractors supply for Pakistan and South Africa.

Massey Ferguson Tractors for Sale

Massey Ferguson is a trustworthy name in providing modern, stylish and high performance agricultural machinery. MF tractors have a growing demand in all countries especially Pakistan and South Africa. Moreover Malik Argo Industries, a Tractors and implements dealer offers Massey Ferguson Tractors for sale. Furthermore They are very much recognized among farmers in African and the Caribbean Region. It is because of their better efficiency and less maintenance. We deal in a huge variety of Massey Ferguson tractors from 50 to 85 horsepower capacity at very economical prices. Following are the MF tractors models available.

Brand New Massey Ferguson 240 Tractors for Sale

Massey Ferguson Tractors are among the most reliable and cost-effective tractors in the world. MF 240 is cheaper, but still very constructive in the family of Massey Ferguson tractors. Its features are endless regarding design, performance and efficiency.

Massey Ferguson 240 has a strongly built design with a manual speed transmission. While it consists of 50 horsepower engine capacity along with 3 Cylinder Direct Inject Diesel. Moreover it is a 2WD Tractor with manual steering drive. Moreover it has big sized rear wheels for helping farmers in better soil cultivation result in finely grown crops. Some additional features which add more beauty are front illuminating lights and sun proof canopy.Brand New MF 240 is available for sale at very low price at our latest stock available for Africa.

Our in a foreign country clients are placed in Pakistan and Africa;

We export the most money-making and the paramount quality tractors besides with all its garnishing that are suitable and well-matched Massey Ferguson 240 loader to convene your farming requirements. Our chief clients are positioned in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Angola, Uganda, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, and almost all other African countries.

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