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NH 640 2wd Tractor

Compulsory Instruction For Mf tractors And Nh-tractors Drivers

Learn How To Start Mf Tractor Instructed By

Malik Agro Industries

  • Push the choke (lever for engine switch off) effectively inside.
  • Push both gear levers on neutral position
  • Put the key in starting switch in number one position.
  • Rotate the key towards right side toward number two position, and it will turn on all electric system, meters and gauges of tractor.
  • Rotate the key right side up to number 3.and engine will start.
  • Don’t use any other except genuine key.

Learn How To Switch-off The Tractor Instructed By Malik Agro Industries

  • By pushing clutch bring all gears to neutral position.
  • Pull the choke (lever switch) outside and engine will switch off.
  • Rotate the key anti clock wise to no 1 position. All meters and gauges will turn off.
  • Pull the key from key switch outside

Learn How To Check Water Level In The Radiator Instructed By Malik Agro Industries

  • Switch off the engine to check water in radiator. As in starting engine water of radiator is in boil form and by opening radiator cap it can damage the operator.
  • Always use specified radiator cap for tractor as it has dual function of releasing the pressure of boiling water from tractor in running condition and also cool the water by letting in air when tractor engine is switched off.
  • For cold areas use antifreeze solvent in radiator for easy operation of engine.


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