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Agriculture Machinery In Pakistan

Agriculture is the foundation of Pakistan’s economy; it, therefore, go after that agricultural machinery holds important worth for the country. Tractors account for most of the farm mechanization/ agriculture machinery in Pakistan and we are at this time on the verge of whole localization in terms of production. Moreover the agricultural machinery and equipment sector has been alienated into 6 wide categories, namely tractors, dairy farm machinery, insecticide sprayers, agriculture equipment, storage facilities, and fish farming equipment as every category has a separate market.

Malik Argo Industries the Manufacturer and provider of Agricultural Tractor Implement, agriculture machinery in Pakistan, and Agriculture Equipments that ensemble the necessities of each Farmer. These execute will provide the top well-organized Farming in the region with high-quality production.

Different types of Agriculture machinery and its uses

Tine Tillers:

Perfect for wide-ranging cultivating, weeding, meadow renovating and preparing seedbeds. The tiller is obtainable in dissimilar widths 9, 11, and 13 tines. The tiller is completely mounted on the tractor. The frequent flexing action of the tines shatters the soil, contravention up the clods. Furthermore the tiller is fixed with reversible shovels that are intended for profound diffusion. Moreover deep working intensity is probable in most soils and is just controlled from the tractor seat. The farmer is most frequently used in Pakistan for field grounding. It fundamentally has tines with reversible sky-scraping carbon showed points at the end prearranged in 2 rows on a strong steel frame. The depth of the process is illicit by tractor hydraulic.

Disc Plough:

It is a plough with its big steel disc. A disc plough works glowing in the conditions where Mould Board plough does not exertion adequately. It is supplementary functional for deep ploughing it can be used in stony and stumpy soil with no much hazard of splintering. It works in movable soil also lacking many blockages.

Farm Trolley:

Farm trolley is typically two wheels or four wheels kind (non-tipping / hydraulic tipping) depending on the handling rations. Furthermore they can be hitched to any creature or model of tractor. The trolley is provided openable panels for loading/unloading the objects on the trolley.

Bed Planter:

The bed plantation of crops is being partial to briny and hard soil, but today this technique of cultivation can also be modified to usual soil for the low cost of production. By this process of farming, along with the short price of production, at least 30% of water can as well be saved. The crop can also be secluded against flood water and unforeseen rain to some degree. Depth of seed and seed to seed detachment can also be attuned as requisite one to four seeds can be planted at a time.


Rotavator is rotary tillage execute determined by PTO which blends, cuts, and levels the earth in a solitary overhaul. This can be used in any kind and the surface of soil rotavator can be used for any sort of crop particularly for uprooting the stubbles of cotton, banana, sugarcane, and jowar, etc. Rotavator helps the planter to grasp the season as the harvested plot can be instantaneously rotavated fitting the rotavator to the tractor is trouble-free as putting in any other implement which wants no fluctuation of any exceptional skills.

Seed Cleaner Grader:

The cleaned and customary seed is an assurance of triumphant cropping. It is used to organize cleaned and the typical seed of rice, wheat, and maize for sowing. The grounding of seed for innovative sowing is a rigid task. It is proved by sensible that if the load of one thousand grains of wheat is more than 45 grams than using this seed will offer extra creation. The seed cleaner grader is a device, which separates and cleans the seeds into grades.

In this appliance, the lighter stuff is alienated by a fan and weighty material like the seed of weeds sized less than 3 mm, hum realistic, flies, thin straws and weak seeds can also be estranged from vigorous seeds. The rubber balls are used to ensure the jamming of holes of sieves. This machine is mounted on an iron edge having 2 wheels. It can be moved from one place to another place very simply. The functioning capacity is one lot per hour.

Seed drill:

The seed drill is the most excellent agricultural machine to grow the crop in lines. Due to the usage of the drill, all agricultural operations like mud lifting and weeds killing, etc suit very simple. The speed of seed sowing and line to line aloofness can also be accustomed. In this method, the sowing of the crop becomes very straightforward. The indicators make easy keeping the lines directly the usage of seed drill augments the production. The seed drill is obtainable

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