We provide agriculture equipment all over the world.

Agriculture equipment in Togo

Agricultural Equipment In Pakistan

Agricultural Equipment In Pakistan

Started as a little agricultural business, Malik Argo Industries has surpassed to become one of the most trustworthy Massey Ferguson, New Holland, and John Deere tractors providers in Pakistan and across the sphere. Furthermore Malik Argo Industries produce Massey Ferguson and all other tractors well-matched agricultural equipment in Pakistan, farm machinery, and World Leading Class Tricycle traveler Vehicles. While we have content consumers undertaking to discover the finest amalgamation in price, economy, and lofty standards. Malik Argo Industries obtains a top place as the most cost-effective and dependable company in the farming segment.

Our all Products

Malik Argo Industries are manufacturing all types of agricultural equipment and machinery. Some of them are following;

Rice Thresher, Wheat Thresher, Maize Sheller, Sugarcane crusher, Rotavator, Wheat Reaper, Cultivator, Poultry Cattle Fish Feed Mill Machinery Poultry Breeding/Hatching systems, Poultry Egg Collection Systems, Egg Incubators, Hydraulic Front End Loader, Lawn Mower, Slasher, Chaff Cutter, Fodder Cutter, Post Hole Digger, Ridger, wheat Straw Chopper Blower, Disc Harrow, Disc Plough, Farm Trolley, Seed Oil Expeller, Oil Expeller Extractor (for Cottonseed, groundnut seed, sunflower or any required seed), Construction Equipment’s (Concrete Mixers, Block Machines, Bore Hole Machines, etc) and Restaurant Fast Food Appliances to name a few.

Our Installed Machinery

Malik Argo Industries has installed all the equipment that is the obligation of an up to date factory to meet the newest challenges concerning built-up. The following list shows the apparatus installed in the factory that is managed by enduringly engaged very technological workers.

Malik Argo Industries’ equipment and implements are working appropriately in entire Pakistan. Whenever you’ll look for in Agricultural pasture, you will come across Malik Argo Industries at the pinnacle position because of their superiority and vow.

Best Manufacturers of Agricultural Equipment in Pakistan

Malik Argo Industries is the best agriculture manufacturer and service supplier in the catalog of agricultural equipment manufacturers all over the world. While we are dealing with the newest and up to date agricultural equipment, farm equipment, and tractors.While we have a massive and superior compilation of farm implements, small farm apparatus, agricultural fencing tools, farm tools, Farmall tractors, agricultural spray apparatus, or many more.

Want to buy appropriate agriculture equipment for your fields but bewildered to acquire which one? We will provide you an obvious idea about choosing and purchasing suite able and preferred agriculture equipment and we have concise information on agriculture equipment and their exploit.Moreover Malik Argo Industries is a corporation that offers agricultural implements to the farmers at a dependable cost. While we have a lot of knowledge in the agriculture segment. We launch all types of agricultural equipment which can augment the efficiency of soil and can also enlarge the income margin. While we have agricultural machinery which has all the most recent tools and it will work efficiently and proved money-making. Malik Argo Industries has a fine reputation all over the world owing to its dependable and most excellent services.

Quick farming system

Malik Argo Industries’ agricultural newest equipment makes your agricultural system more contented and trouble-free for you. Furthermore we have a sophisticated trachcutter through this you can accomplish the sustainable farming system. Moreover our equipment does not tolerate a lofty upholding cost. Malik Argo Industries makes sure you the finest farming system. Farmers will carry out their tasks successfully. We consider for the farmers and we have a trend and ardor to initiate more equipment for producing more enlargement.

Soil Improvement

We have intended the speed trailer for the enhancement of the soil. Furthermore the speed trailer is used for the deliberation of the soil. The worker will regulate the soil state and perk up it to make it productive. The speed trailer is essentially used in diverse situations such as wetting soil, after a weighty sum of rain, and in some cold weather like in flurry and frost period.

The speed trailer is functional in conserving the soil.While it defends in rainy and snow season. It also assists us in the soil assimilation system. This machine works at that moment when other machines do not exertion and speed trailer rolls in the soil on that occasion. Speed trailers dent the soil and offer soil maintenance.

Different types of equipment

Land development, leveling, and cleaning machinery and equipment 
  • Laser land leveling equipment;
  • Hydraulically driven land leveler/land planer;
  • (iii)Survey equipment like theodolite;
  • Stone collector wind rower, capacity 1.5-2.5 m; and
  • Bulldozer pulled soil scrapper, capacity 20-25m3.
High-efficiency irrigation and Drainage equipment:
  • Sprinkler including high and low pressure (center pivotal) system and conventional sprinkler equipment, water reel traveling sprinkler);
  • Drip/trickle irrigation equipment/mint irrigation sprinkler system;
  • Dredger/excavator/dragline equipment/backhoe trenchers;
  • Tile drain laying equipment;
  • Direct power rotary drilling rigs;
  • Tractor mounted rotary ditcher (excluding tractor); and
  • Tractor mounted chain trencher (excluding tractor).
Tillage and planting equipment:
  • Para plow-sub-soiler (with vibratory mechanism);
  • Rotary tiller/weedier (above 90 HP);
  • Flame weedier;
  • Vegetable seedling transplants; and
  • Paddy seeding raising equipment.


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